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Seven Habits of Scalable Sales Teams

How your competition is using CRM-EBOOK-2their CRM better than you.

Scaling sales at a small business can be both frustrating and exhilarating. The heroic efforts of a few rainmakers rarely translate to a growing team, and forecasting revenue with green salespeople can be an exercise in futility. However, when you find the right combination of activities, it can feel like strapping yourself into a rocketship.

  • Trouble holding your salespeople accountable?
  • Frustrated about missing goals?
  • Unable to quickly train and coach new sales reps?
  • Finding it impossible to measure progress?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above, this framework was designed for you.

I’ve included lessons learned from some of the most strategic sales consultants of the last ten years, including Jack Daly and Chet Holmes. Through our Internet marketing agency, we have worked with many entrepreneurs who have built rapidly scaling multi-million dollar sales teams and I’ve personally interviewed several more on the New Customer Machine Podcast.

I’ve crystallized the ideas into these simple, but powerful, seven habits that you can begin using today—no matter how many sales people you have. Even, if it is just you.

You will receive access to the PDF download immediately. Or, if you prefer to hold a physical book, Seven Habits of Scalable Sales Teams is available on

Seven Habit of Scalable Sales Teams, ebook
Seven Habit of Scalable Sales Teams, ebook
Seven Habit of Scalable Sales Teams, ebook
Seven Habit of Scalable Sales Teams, ebook


“I read Jeremy’s book in an afternoon and it helped change a lot of my limiting thoughts about big clunky annoying CRMs.”
– Stephen Christopher, Business Owner


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