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Marketing Automation Agency

Some people call Marketing Automation a game changer, but we like to think of it as a multiplier. It will dramatically improve every step in your pipeline and marketing funnel—multiplying your leads, sales and revenue.

Imagine getting a steady mix of inbound and outbound leads and having them automatically warmed, touched and scored so that each one is getting just the right message at just the right time—no matter how busy your sales team is. That is a new customer machine!

Marketing Automation Agency DashboardImagine how much more time your sales team can spend doing what they do best: selling.

Today’s sales teams are busier than ever. They have even less time for the important but routine tasks of tracking new leads and updating existing ones. A Marketing Automation Agency warms and educates leads, so your team can maximize the time they spend with ready-to-buy clients. Lead scoring will help them to effortlessly identify who is nearing a buying cycle and arm them with rich intelligence, including which emails clients have opened, which pages of your website they’ve visited and how often they’ve been there. A Marketing Automation Agency can even reduce your sales cycle, since your team can quickly target the value proposition on the items their clients are most interested in.

With our Marketing Automation Agency program, here’s what you can achieve:

  • A pipeline filled with new leads every month
  • Leads warmed over time, so your company is top-of-mind
  • A sales force consistently armed with ready-to-buy leads
  • Vivid insight into what your prospects are interested in—so you sell more


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Marketing Automation is surprisingly simple to implement, given all the software platforms out there such as Act-On, Pardot, Salesforce and many others. Yet few companies are actually using it, for one simple reason: It has to be maintained. Someone has to input content, update campaign status and . . . well, just understand how it all works.

That’s why you should be shopping for a Marketing Automation Agency instead of marketing automation software.

That’s where Juicy Results comes in.

Is This System for You?

Our Marketing Automation Agency program is the perfect solution for fast-growing companies whose sales teams (B2B and B2C) depend on a steady stream of quality leads to grow their business. It may also be a growth strategy for companies just building a sales team.

How Does the Marketing Automation Agency Program Work?

Our Marketing Automation Agency package includes everything needed for a thriving sales pipeline: software, creative product, marketing services and, most important, the expertise needed to build and maintain your pipeline. We recommend Act-On as your software, but we also work with other marketing automation platforms.

We will act as your lead generation consultant and marketing automation agency. All you have to do is sell.

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