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The New Customer Machine Podcast

Responsible for growing revenue at your company?

The New Customer Machine Podcast is all about scaling your sales process.

Each episode features guests, concepts and strategies focused on transforming your revenue from stagnant to breakthrough levels. This is not your average sales or marketing podcast, as we go very deep and introduce new technologies, revisit timeless (but often overlooked) marketing concepts and even geek out on the neuroscience behind how people make decisions.

Hosted by Jeremy Pound, CEO of Juicy Results. Common topics include:

  • Sales techniques that scale
  • Building peak performance teams
  • Sales management
  • Latest sales technology

Season 1 highlights include Aaron Ross, author of Predictable Revenue, sharing his experience with segmenting and specializing your salespeople and how Scott Fritz built a sales team to grow his company to over $160 million in revenue at Human Capital before selling it to a national competitor.

Season 2 is back, with an expanded format. Look out our interviews with Jack Daly, Steve Nudelberg and more!


“There are SO many marketing tools out there today and this podcast really helps demystify them. This is an easy way to learn to work smarter not harder! Keep ’em coming and THANK YOU!”
– iTunes podcast reviewer

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