Results Packages

From subtle-but-effective tweaks, to total ground-up redesigns, we’ve developed a system of packaging/pricing to fit most business needs.

No matter what your immediate needs are, we start every project off with a web audit and business review. It is important that our team understand your business goals, we want to know where you’ve been, how you got there, and where you want to take it. Then and only then, can we partner with you to implement the necessary changes and track progress moving forward.

The Monthly review/reporting is the single-most valuable aspect to the service—making sense of the metrics and data that your site generates.

Design and graphic tweaks can often be avoided by making good use of creative writing. Sometimes, simply stating your case in a more compelling way can gain greater results. When the wording just isn’t enough, we use the power of effective layout and design to get the results you seek.

Redesign my website for results!

Rather than set out on a complete redesign, we’ll begin with a business-focused review to identify the changes and additions that will have the most impact on your bottom line. No matter if we end up changing one page or 5, we’ll work with you moving forward to test the changes and adjust. In this way, you can squeeze the most out of your website over time without breaking the bank up front.

I don’t have a website, but I need results!

If you currently have no web presence, well, you’ve got a clean slate—Nothing to correct or “fix”, and now is the absolute best time to put together a plan and build a website that is an asset to your business, not a cost center.

As is always the case with JuicyResults, the site experience we recommend will be built around your business needs. Therefore, we always begin with an strategic website review so that we can understand your business goals. We’ll help you identify how you can best market your business online, build traffic and improve the results constantly. When you focus on results, you build a cash machine that grows your bottom line for years.

You don’t need a website, you need results.
Avoid the regret of an expensive website that isn’t focused on results and build a cash machine that adds to your bottom line.


Small and subtle tweaks tailored specifically for your business goals can gain incredible Results without breaking the bank!


Looking to build a simple web solution that serves your business needs with accountability for measurable Results?

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