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At Juicy Results, we specialize in helping Fortune Five Million companies generate leads with Internet marketing. Central to this process is a company’s website and the traffic it receives. If you’re not generating quality leads, there is at least one bottleneck in the process. These bottlenecks can be identified by asking compartmentalized questions.

For example, “Do you have a traffic problem or a conversion problem?”

Maybe, it’s both. Regardless, we can help you spot the holes.

Our Lead Generation Website Audit was developed to assess a company’s current ability to generate leads with their website and Internet marketing. By baselining the core best practices to a successful lead generation campaign, we can clearly identify where the leaks are in your Internet marketing.

Designed around our proprietary Website Lead Generation Framework, the audit isolates and assess the audience, traffic and conversion factors in your marketing. You’ll receive a score of 1 to 5 on over 25 best practices coupled with our analysis on what is working, and where you need improvement.

The culmination of the audit is a prioritized set of recommendations for improving your lead generation process.

$500 and you can be sure you are on the right track.

Who is this for?

First and foremost: A Fortune five million company who needs leads for a sales team. If you believe your website should be generating more leads, then this review will show you where you can improve.

We’ve created and implemented plans for companies new and old, in industries from software companies to house painters, and ranging in size from one to 500 employees. If you believe your business has an opportunity to market online, and you’re curious about SEO, social media and pay-per-click advertising, this is your first step.

Who is this not for?

The Lead Generation Website Audit is not for companies who do not want to use their website to generate leads or that have no unique or differentiated products/services.

Tell me about the process

Once you submit payment for the website audit, one of our Internet Marketing Consultants will have a few questions for you that you can answer by phone or email. From there, we can typically complete the audit in 3 – 5 days.

The deliverable is a PDF slide deck with scoring and analysis on your marketing efforts. And, the real value comes in the hour long call we offer to walk you through the deck.

No matter who you hire to implement your website and Internet marketing, you will want them to have this information.

Don’t waste another day. Sign up now and learn how effective your Internet marketing strategy could be!

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100% results guarantee

If you are not 100% satisfied with the strategic plan we deliver, then we will refund your money.

Learn which best practices you are missing out on:

  • Website conversion techniques
  • Compelling offers and language
  • Search engine optimization
  • Pay-per-click advertising
  • Social media marketing
  • Reputation management

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