Super Organized?

We're looking for someone who loves to execute

Internet Marketing Coordinator

Are you the most organized person you know?

Juicy Results is looking for an overachiever to assist our marketing strategists with executing high performing digital marketing campaigns.

The right fit for this role is the kind of person who makes everyone’s life easier by tracking everything, ruthlessly following through and always finding a way to go that extra mile.

You ever notice how some of us get more done by lunch each day than most people even attempt to do in a week? That’s the kind of team members we look for at Juicy Results and we will give you bonus points for this role if the calendar is your favorite app on your phone.

Our Perfect Fit For This Role
In the last year or so you’ve most likely managed social media, AdWords or some other type of marketing in house for a company and now you’re looking to raise your game to the next level or maybe you’ve been going above and beyond your normal responsibilities to do so because you love and believe in the power of marketing and the Internet. Fantastic, because we’ve created this role exactly for you.

Do you spend your own time learning new technologies and working on yourself? Great, you will be amongst peers!

Do you love when Facebook or AdWords launches a new advertising feature that you can use to help your clients / employer? Sweet, we need your help with that!

Are you able to juggle a dozen different accounts and quickly learn a new clients business model on a day’s notice? Does this sound like the perfect Thursday afternoon? OK then, glad you are still with us!

Are you relieved to see that our company doesn’t write “standard” help wanted ads? Well, wait until you see what else we do differently than other companies. It gets better. 


Who is Juicy Results?
At Juicy Results, we’re always learning the newest sales and marketing technologies and we can be accused of following hot new startups the way most people follow celebrities or sports teams. If pressed, most of the team would probably be more likely to list the Facebook advertising guidelines over being able to name half of the Kardashians (we think that’s a family, or a boy band, but we’re not sure).

We firmly believe that work is not a place to go trade your time for money, but to make the kind of impact that only a dedicated team can—to be part of something bigger than any one of us can be. Technology has revolutionized the sales and marketing fields. Tools like CRMs, Analytics programs, and marketing automation programs allow businesses a year’s worth of insight in two weeks. Meanwhile, the Internet, social media, and mobile devices have changed the way people discover and buy new products. Our job is to help amazing companies take advantage of these new breakthroughs. Our purpose is to double the revenue of 10,000 great companies and we need the right team members to make that a reality.

Help us pull this off and you’ll be telling your grandkids about the days you were part of a new and remarkable company that went on to make history.

If you are interested in this opportunity and believe that you are a good fit, we want to hear from you. The only way to apply is to fill out the form on the right hand side of this page.


If you're the perfect fit for this role and our firm, we can't wait to meet you.

Please make sure you have read the Becoming a Juicer page and believe that you will be a strong fit for Juicy Results.

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