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The only way to build a team of top performers is to be continuously recruiting. We are very clear on the type of person who will be successful at Juicy Results. Please review this page BEFORE applying to any of our open opportunities to ensure that you share our values and purpose.

Why we do what we do

We believe that innovative entrepreneurs are the fabric of America and enjoy helping these enterprises so that we can strengthen our economy and make our nation’s communities a better place to live. Internet marketing is the most powerful tool we have to help these companies thrive. This is why we dedicate our working lives to delivering the most effective marketing products for the Fortune Five Million.

Our goal is to make Juicy Results the best place for bright, creative people to serve promising small businesses by sharpening and spreading their most compelling messages. This means that we are particularly selective about who we hire, and which clients we build relationships with.


Ultimately, we want to work with people we respect to deliver results for clients we admire while learning new things and building a significant company.

We celebrate finding new, efficient and alternative ways of accomplishing things that give us and our clients a competitive advantage. We’re not afraid to question the status quo, make a bet on a new trend or pioneer an entirely new market.

Service to our clients and development of ourselves are paramount to our success. To grow this culture, we are dedicated to attracting and hiring others who are capable and committed to these goals.

Our team is looking for a balance of work and the pursuit of outside interests. It’s important to us to have fun, find fulfillment from our work and grow as individuals. We believe we can outwork and outsmart the competition while maintaining this balance, as long as we maintain the right team and the right focus.

Company values: IMPACT

These are the core values that we use to make decisions about the company. We are committed to hiring and firing based on them and will make short term sacrifices to honor them. This is what we do when we are at our best.

Impact: Leave everything we touch better than we found it.
Maverick: Seek new and better ways of doing things.
Partners: Treat others as partners (team members, vendors and clients).
Action: Be action oriented and open to adjusting our approach until we succeed.
Curiosity: Be curious about our clients and our craft. Embrace learning and teaching.
Tenacity: Do whatever it takes to make the customer succeed.

Our team will hold each other accountable in regards to how we conduct ourselves at work and consult these values when making difficult choices and growing the company.

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