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Lead Web Designer

Are you the fastest learning designer you know?

Juicy Results is looking for a creative superstar to lead the design and production projects associated with our high performing digital marketing campaigns.

We’re a WordPress shop first and foremost, but we also create landing pages in any number of tools that our clients have adopted. At the end of the day, we work in whatever tool is necessary to get the message across.

The right fit for this role is the kind of person who can listen to an idea and then instantly understand how to visualize it and wrap it up in a compelling presentation. You are just as likely to speak in terms of conversion and call-to-actions as you are to use your rich design vocabulary.

Lead Website Designer at Juicy Results

Our Perfect Fit For This Role
You’ve probably been designing things as long as you can remember—perhaps you were the kind of kid who took everything apart just to see how it was built. More than likely, you have a library of notepads and sketchbooks full of ideas. In the last few years you’ve been working at a company who means well, but just doesn’t seem to appreciate how fast the digital landscape is moving. You spend your free time experimenting with the endless stream of new tools and techniques and now you’re ready to work with a team who is equally excited about all this new shiny stuff.

You will be inspired and surprised by how much time we spend taking things apart and putting them back together in the lead generation space. We need you to help us polish it all!

Do you wonder why everyone talks so much when trying to argue a point when you can just doodle a diagram on the back of the napkin and instantly eliminate the noise? Amazing, we can’t wait to see you do that in a meeting.

Are you equally interested in Photoshop and Google Analytics? Perfect, this role may have been created for you.

Did you think Ariana Grande was a hot new font? Yep, guilty over here too.

Are you relived to see that our company doesn’t write “standard” help wanted ads? Well, wait until you see what else we do differently than other companies. It gets better.
Who is Juicy Results?
At Juicy Results, we’re always learning the newest sales and marketing technologies and we can be accused of following hot new startups the way most people follow celebrities or sports teams. If pressed, most of the team would probably be more likely to list the Facebook advertising guidelines over being able to name half of the Kardashians (we think that’s a family, or a boy band, but we’re not sure).

We firmly believe that work is not a place to go trade your time for money, but to make the kind of impact that only a dedicated team can—to be part of something bigger than any one of us can be. Technology has revolutionized the sales and marketing fields. Tools like CRMs, Analytics programs, and marketing automation programs allow businesses a year’s worth of insight in two weeks. Meanwhile, the Internet, social media, and mobile devices have changed the way people discover and buy new products. Our job is to help amazing companies take advantage of these new breakthroughs. Our purpose is to double the revenue of 10,000 great companies and we need the right team members to make that a reality.

Help us pull this off and you’ll be telling your grandkids about the days you were part of a new and remarkable company that went on to make history.

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