Juicy Results Coming to WordCamp Miami 2011

How to attract customers to your homepage and retain them as potential clients is seen as one of the greatest challenges faced by businesses online.

Juicy Result’s Co-founder and Creative Director Klaus Heesch will provide solutions to overcome this common problem at WordCamp Miami on Saturday, March 5th, 2011. This exciting event will showcase the expertise of over 20 leading professionals from the WordPress community on topics from website development and design to blogging and online marketing. These key topics are ideal for anyone from established developers to the “average-joe” looking to improve their skills in the continuously changing world of the Internet.

Klaus will be conducting a live website review at the conference to show attendees how to attract and retain visitors on the homepage. He’ll use real-world examples to show how to overcome the most fundamental problems many websites have such as:

  • Not stating upfront who, what and why: Klaus will discuss why it’s so important to make sure the home page informs visitors of basic information – who you are, what you do and who you do it for. “Know that you cannot be everything to everyone.”
  • How to grab the attention of each and every visitor: Klaus will present ways to create a reason for visitors to go deeper into the site from homepage. “Give them enough information and enough prompting to make the decision to ‘click’ without having to work too hard.”
  • How to make the home page less overwhelming to new visitors: Klaus will illustrate key tactics to entice visitors with just enough information but not show them so much they go elsewhere.

Throughout his 20-year career history in design and development, Klaus has noticed the increasing prevalence of “homepage visitor confusion.” He describes this common experience as, “any time the visitor has no idea of why they are there, why they should stay or what to do next.”

At Juicy Results, we work on a continuous basis with small businesses to optimize their business through improving their online presence. We recognize the web-enhancing benefits of creating WordPress layouts for our clients and the importance of this creation for allowing greater connections to exist between businesses and potential customers. To find out more on how the Juicy Results team can enhance your website with more visitors and sales, contact us for a website review!

To find out more on Klaus, check out his ‘About Me’ section on our site!

Rachel McCray
Written By Rachel McCray
Marketing Intern

March 3 2011 in Blog, Events + Webinars

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