A fast paced executive presentation for busy people who want results.

The Secret Formula to Generating Leads Online

Are you still trying to figure out how to generate leads online?

Would you spend 30 minutes to discover why your campaigns aren’t bearing fruit?

We’ve put together a fast paced executive presentation to demonstrate our unique philosophy and approach to generating leads online. It seems obvious that to increase sales in your business, you must continually be filling the sales funnel with quality leads. But doing so can be expensive and difficult, if not elusive to most of us.

Fresh Leads

Learn how to serve up fresh leads for your sales team on a consistent basis with the “Secret Formula.”

That’s why we call this presentation
The Secret Formula.

The team at Juicy Results helps fast-growing sales organizations generate leads online via Internet marketing. Over the years, we’ve seen companies consistently come to us plateaued and wasting budget in vain attempts to find new lead sources.

In reality, successful lead generation is a bit of an iceberg, with the most important elements of the formula being hidden under the surface. Let us show you how the majority of marketers are focusing on only 3% of the available market—driving advertising costs through the roof. With this understanding, we’ll also show you how to win over the 70% of your market that will actually buy from you.

In addition to the fundamentals of the “Secret Formula,” we will dive into some of the newest technology available for scaling your market and automating your lead generation. At the end of the day, peak sales performance is about maximizing your best sales people. With a consistent lead pipeline, you can let them spend their time with the most ready-to-buy prospects and close more deals.

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Jeremy Pound
Written By Jeremy Pound

November 11 2014 in Blog, Events + Webinars

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