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6 Rules for Succeeding at Juicy Results

“You’re hired!” Hearing these words is going to have a big impact on your career. I interviewed for a Junior Web Designer position two years ago and have had so much fun working here since. I’ve learned a lot and have grown a lot as a designer since starting here, and I wanted to give words of advice to any new Juicer coming on board.

I’ve found that these six character traits are paramount to being a great Juicer. Since Juicy Results is growing and expanding, new team members and people interested in being a part of this family need to know what it takes to thrive in this kind of environment.

  1. Be humble. No ego’s allowed. You’ll be learning most of your time here so be ready to grow, but have the right attitude to do it too. This means accepting creative criticism on your work. You’re awesome. That’s why you got the job. Now let us help make you better by expanding and refining your skills.
  2. Be flexible. This is a small and thriving agency. Because of this, we are willing to wear multiple hats on the job. I came on originally as a Junior Web Designer. In my time here I’ve worked on social media, copywriting, and art direction. I’ve been able to sit in on great client meetings and have been invited to participate in them as well. When you come into Juicy Results, the only direction you can go is up. You’ll build a great arsenal of client-facing and team skills but you need to be open to these kinds of opportunities.
  3. Be a top performer. If you aren’t one right now, make it a goal to be one within the next three months. Juicy Results is at the top of it’s game with digital marketing because of the people behind it. Juicers eat and breathe their field of expertise, whether that’s SEO, social media, or web design and development. We know we’re in a field that’s constantly changing so we’re always at the top of our game to change with the industry.
  4. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Because this is a small and bustling environment, sometimes you’ll run into a challenge that you’re not familiar with. If this happens, it’s OK to ask for help. The great thing about working at Juicy is that everyone that’s been here longer than you can offer you guidance.
  5. Be honest and communicate clearly. Jeremy Pound, Juicy Results’ founder, has built a great culture at Juicy Results where work is actually fun and people look forward to coming in every day. This is built on careful consideration when bringing on new team members and having an open and honest relationship. If you think you have a great suggestion on getting something done more efficiently, speak up! If something is bothering you, speak up! We’re here to help each other.
  6. Have an awesome sense of humor. We work hard at Juicy Results and we play hard too. It’s important that you’re able to do both every day. This includes sometimes being the butt of a couple jokes or a victim of awesome photoshopping, as displayed below.

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If you work hard and have the right attitude, you’ll find that Juicy Results is the perfect place to grow your career and meet a ton of awesome people along the way. We hope to see you here.

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November 17 2014 in Blog

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