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  • August 11 2015

    The Marketing Benefits of Juicy Bits

    I wanted to address the question everybody’s been asking me. Why spend all this time doing Juicy Bits? There’s actually two reasons why we decided to make the investment in Juicy Bits: education and content. The Juicy Bits series has provided unique and quality content to our SEO and social media marketing efforts.

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  • July 25 2015

    Discover New Keywords With Google Search Suggest

    Quick tip for you guys today. There is an abundance of customer intelligence hiding right before your eyes in google. What I’m talking about are those suggestions that pop-up when you begin to type in a search query in google.

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  • July 21 2015

    See How Google Sees Your Website

    Google Search Console is the only way to know with exact certainty all of the search queries that are A) bringing your website traffic, and B) that your website is actually showing up that you may not be getting clicks for. When you go into Google Search Console and you click on the search analytics, you will actually find out all of the key words that your website, any page on your website, is showing up in Google for.

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  • July 16 2015

    Page One Domination in One Day!

    Here is a great tip on how to accomplish page one domination in one day. Now if you’re wondering what page one domination is just go ahead and Google page one domination. You’re probably going to find a great article from Juicy Results on what it is and how to accomplish it.

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  • July 13 2015

    The Biggest SEO Mistake I see

    Here’s a question I get asked all the time. What’s the biggest mistake you see companies make when investing in SEO? Watch the video to see Jeremy’s answer.

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  • July 7 2015

    Social Media’s Surprising Lack of Impact on SEO

    I find that most marketers—both SEO and social media specialists—seem to be perpetuating that social media activity is a factor in search engine rankings. As I dove in to really understand this issue while writing The Bootstrapper’s Guide to SEO, I learned that what most marketers are spreading is wrong.

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  • June 27 2015

    The Best SEO is Like Dominoes

    Last year, I read The One Thing by Gary Keller, and discovered something called Geometric Progression. Keller shared that a falling domino can knock over an object 50% larger in size. And, that if you keep lining successively larger dominoes up, you can knock over an enormous object—theoretically as large as the Empire State Building—in a line of a a surprisingly few dominoes.

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  • June 3 2015

    The Top Mistake Companies Make When Measuring SEO

    There is a HUGE mistake I see almost everyone make when they are managing and measuring their SEO efforts. It’s obvious in hindsight, but until someone points it out, I can’t fault anyone for making it, as I committed this mistake for years. The reason this fallacy is so damaging is that it causes us to make decisions on the wrong data.

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  • April 24 2015

    Want Better SEO? Become a Content Publisher

    One of the most effective ways I know to boost your search engine traffic is to commit to regularly publishing new content on your website. For most clients I work with, I ask them to commit to a minimum of one new quality web page per week. That’s also about what we do here at Juicy Results.

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  • April 6 2015

    The “Right” SEO Mindset

    Besides some additional training and experience, I would bet that the biggest difference between the most successful search marketers and everyone else is having the right SEO Mindset. The right SEO Mindset opens you up to constantly identify new search opportunities and quickly envision ways to take advantage of them.

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