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  • September 27 2016

    Create a Follow-Up Content Library to Make Your Sales Team Unstoppable

    No matter what you sell, or who you sell to, there are three questions that a prospect must have answered before any sale is made. If you can answer these over the course of the sales process—and reaffirm them at every step—you’ll be money.

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  • August 8 2015

    Test Your Marketing with Statistical Significance

    One of the best things about internet marketing that everybody knows is how easy it is to test everything, but what I find is that most people give up on their tests way too prematurely. You want to make sure you accumulate enough data to actually be able to accurately judge any landing page, banner ad or website that you launch.

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  • August 6 2015

    Use Reciprocity to Make Your Marketing More Effective

    Think about how you feel when somebody does something nice for you. Even if it’s a little tiny thing, I bet your natural inclination is you want to return the favor or at least look at that person in a more favorable light. Now that’s called reciprocity. When somebody does something for you, you just feel obligated to return the favor.

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  • July 31 2015

    How to Use Webinars in your Marketing

    Have you ever used webinars in your internet marketing? Chances are, you’ve probably attended a webinar, maybe even done business with the company who put a webinar on, but never really thought about webinars for your company. I know this seem intimidating and they can be a lot of work, but webinars are a fantastic way to build a relationship with your prospects.

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  • July 20 2015

    What is Lead Nurturing?

    Are you familiar with the term lead nurturing? If you’re in sales or marketing, you should be. Lead nurturing is a pretty self-explanatory term. What I always think about is the chicken or the hen warming the egg until it’s ready to hatch.

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  • July 18 2015

    Don’t Overlook This Customer Demographic

    What if I could tell you that you could target your customers based solely on people who have been to your website before? You know nothing else about them. What kind of assumptions could you make about those people?

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  • July 15 2015

    User Profiling and Lead Scoring For Your Sales Team

    If you’re trying to generate leads with your website, then I’ve got 2 tools that you need to know about. The first is user profile. The second is lead scoring. The two work together. User profiling is software that connects with your CRM that actually tracks the individual behavior of any of your prospects.

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  • November 21 2014

    Using Marketing Automation With Social Media: Part II

    As I mentioned in part I of this article, social media can be a powerful tool in automating your marketing–a tool that I think it is underused by most companies. Now let’s dive into a couple of ways to acquire new leads via social media.

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  • November 10 2014

    Using Marketing Automation With Social Media

    When you think marketing automation, I bet you think email. And email campaigns are a great way to nurture leads at scale over time. But social media can also be a powerful tool in automating your marketing–a tool that I think it is underused by most companies.

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  • October 31 2014

    What is Lead Scoring?

    Lead scoring is the methodology of applying a dynamic score to contacts that signifies the perceived value or likelihood of that customer buying. Using a scoring system across a high number of leads allows your salespeople to decide who to contact as well as helping your marketing department make data-driven decisions.

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