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  • July 30 2015

    Understanding Where Your Leads Come From With Attribution Models

    This video is for anybody who is spending money on marketing or advertising, trying to drive traffic to your website and generating leads or sales. We all want to know what is it that I spent money on that worked. Is it natural SEO or is it paid advertising? What exactly, is it that’s generating my sales and my leads?

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  • June 3 2015

    The Top Mistake Companies Make When Measuring SEO

    There is a HUGE mistake I see almost everyone make when they are managing and measuring their SEO efforts. It’s obvious in hindsight, but until someone points it out, I can’t fault anyone for making it, as I committed this mistake for years. The reason this fallacy is so damaging is that it causes us to make decisions on the wrong data.

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  • April 4 2013

    Scoring Goals for Small Business Owners: Discover SCORE

    Learn about SCORE, and if you’re in Palm Beach County and have (or want to start) a small business REGISTER for SCORE’s April 20th Business Conference, when Google’s Joe DeMike comes to speak.

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  • June 27 2012

    Facebook Insights: Do you Like Your Results? (The Sequel)

    In our followup to to our first insightful post on Facebook Insights, we go even deeper into some of Facebook’s wonky metrics. But there is no analysis paralysis…we just give you what you need to know to get the most out of your Facebook marketing.

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  • May 31 2012

    Facebook Insights: Do You Like Your Results?

    We’ve taken what FB says about their numbers and boiled it down to what you REALLY need to know to see if your FB work is doing you any good. Because after all, that’s really what it’s all about.

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  • February 29 2012

    QR Codes: What Are Those Things?

    You’re seeing them everywhere. They’re little boxes with barcode scanner print in them and they’re taking over the world. You may have seen them on flyers for events, in store windows, on bottles of wine or even on someone’s forehead. But what are they and what is their purpose? Read more to find out!

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  • September 22 2011

    Local SEO: Beyond the Rankings and on to the Sale

    Ranking number one on the local search results is not enough to get you the customer. If you provide a link to a website in your local listing, it had better help (rather than hurt) your ability to close the deal.

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  • July 26 2011

    Website Analytics & the Power of Segments

    You are not running a website just to be popular; you are running it to achieve business goals. Forget that, and you will not be looking at the website metrics that will give you meaningful insights. Aggregate numbers never tell the whole story. You have to slice and dice your data into segments.

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  • December 16 2010

    6 Conversion Strategies Learned from My Cat

    There will be no talk of sales funnels, conversion paths, A/B testing or the recommended size and color for buttons that will induce the most clicks. This is just a simple way to understand conversion strategy from one of the most intelligent of all mammals – the domestic house cat.

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