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  • February 19 2015

    How To Achieve Page One Domination

    An active and growing organization that has any kind of history will naturally leave a trail of news, reviews and promotion. If that information is not showing up to paint a picture of a thriving company, users may subconsciously wonder whether you’re the kind of operation with whom they want to do business. This is a how to article to make sure your brand achieves Page One Domination!

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  • October 31 2014

    What is Lead Scoring?

    Lead scoring is the methodology of applying a dynamic score to contacts that signifies the perceived value or likelihood of that customer buying. Using a scoring system across a high number of leads allows your salespeople to decide who to contact as well as helping your marketing department make data-driven decisions.

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  • September 25 2014

    What is Marketing Automation?

    Imagine how your marketing investments would multiply if you captured and courted EVERY LEAD that you generated, even the ones that don’t seem to be in the market for what you sell. If you spend a fair amount of time on the interwebs, you’ve probably started to see some buzz about “marketing automation.” This post will give you a basic understanding on what that means.

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  • June 28 2013

    Why Use an Internet Marketing Agency

    Since Internet marketing can mean so many things, and the field is growing so quickly, you can expect to find many different flavors of agencies and firms when searching for an Internet marketing firm. Some will specialize in SEO or Google AdWords, and there are an ever increasing number of social media firms.

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  • June 25 2013

    Where did the name “Juicy Results” come from?

    We get a lot of questions and comments about our company’s name—most of which I can’t repeat here! This quick Juicy Bit explains why it embodies exactly what we do.

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  • January 31 2013

    Google Display Advertising – Simplified.

    Running text ads in Google’s Search Network is peachy, but for real “oomph,” try its Display Network. At first, the Display Network may seem like a Wild, Wild West, so take it in strides with by your side! You never know what Google Display Ads can do until you try.

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  • May 16 2012

    Understand Friction And You Can Create Effective Internet Marketing Campaigns

    In physics, friction is the resistance that will slow a moving object down. Similarly in sales, friction is anything that will slow down or stop a potential customer in the sales process—the process that you design.

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  • January 23 2012

    Internet Marketing Predictions for 2012 (and Why You Should Care)

    A handful of 2012 Internet marketing predictions from industry leaders with our Juicy take on what they mean to small businesses.

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  • January 20 2012

    Why Should Customers Pick YOU?

    Because there are so many businesses, your online listings must stand out to catch the attention of your potential customers. Learn how to lure them in, just like with an online dating profile, and get them to choose YOU over hundreds of other businesses based on your listings alone.

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  • August 26 2011

    Human Centric Approach to Marketing…Just Another Catch Phrase?

    Heard about Human-Centric marketing? Its deeper points are best left to those who have the time to ponder them; for the rest of us, here are some of its key takeaways and how you as a small business owner can put them into action.

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