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  • June 27 2015

    The Best SEO is Like Dominoes

    Last year, I read The One Thing by Gary Keller, and discovered something called Geometric Progression. Keller shared that a falling domino can knock over an object 50% larger in size. And, that if you keep lining successively larger dominoes up, you can knock over an enormous object—theoretically as large as the Empire State Building—in a line of a a surprisingly few dominoes.

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  • February 6 2015

    Is SEO Still Necessary in 2015?

    SEO has changed, evolved, expanded—whatever term you prefer—to be so radically new that the industry insiders feel they need a new name for it. I sympathise with where they are coming from. SEO today is almost unrecognizable when compared to SEO just a few years ago.

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  • October 23 2014

    Avoid This Common SEO Pitfall On Your Blog

    I would say that the most common mistake I find when we audit a company’s website is that their blog is hosted on a subdomain—such as—or even on an entirely different domain—such as

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  • October 10 2014

    What Google Wants II: Perfect Match Content

    Pages that are hyper focused on a single idea or topic tend to rank higher (for their topic) than a page covering lots of ideas. We actually have a term we use here at Juicy—“Perfect Match” content—that refers to what we believe the perfect piece of content Google would ideally like to serve for a hyper-focused search term (also referred to as “long tail” search terms).

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  • April 29 2013

    Get BigFoot to Work for Free (and 12 Other Ways to Write a Killer Headline)

    The desire to create that one heroic headline–one that stops all traffic with a grand, screeching halt and then compels the reader forward–becomes a zealot’s quest for writers. Resist the temptation to get hung up on it.

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