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  • July 21 2015

    See How Google Sees Your Website

    Google Search Console is the only way to know with exact certainty all of the search queries that are A) bringing your website traffic, and B) that your website is actually showing up that you may not be getting clicks for. When you go into Google Search Console and you click on the search analytics, you will actually find out all of the key words that your website, any page on your website, is showing up in Google for.

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  • July 19 2015

    Best Way to Avoid Lead Form Spam

    At some point after you launched your site, you started getting inundated with spam bots. People just putting in things about Viagra and all kinds of Russian pharmacies, coming through, trying to get you as if you’re really going to click on this link that came from a spam bot and do business with them.

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  • July 17 2015

    Avoid Losing Leads On Mobile Devices

    In this video I want to talk about a pet peeve of mine. It’s a mistake that you’re making with your website that’s probably costing you business. If you use your website to generate leads and I bet you a significant portion of the user is either on their phone or on a tablet. I bet you that your lead forms are set up the same way on a phone as they are on your desktop.

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  • September 25 2014

    What is Marketing Automation?

    Imagine how your marketing investments would multiply if you captured and courted EVERY LEAD that you generated, even the ones that don’t seem to be in the market for what you sell. If you spend a fair amount of time on the interwebs, you’ve probably started to see some buzz about “marketing automation.” This post will give you a basic understanding on what that means.

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  • August 18 2014

    Lead Generation Website Best Practice Checklist

    Websites that convert visitors into leads can take many different shapes and styles, but we’ve found that those with the highest conversion rates all share a set of proven best practices. These patterns, which can be applied to any website, make up the foundation of the “conversion” section of our Juicy Results Website Lead Generation Framework.

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  • January 31 2013

    Google Display Advertising – Simplified.

    Running text ads in Google’s Search Network is peachy, but for real “oomph,” try its Display Network. At first, the Display Network may seem like a Wild, Wild West, so take it in strides with by your side! You never know what Google Display Ads can do until you try.

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  • June 26 2012

    Take Back Your Independence With WordPress

    Don’t let your website be controlled by someone else; handle it yourself with all of the free features a WordPress theme has to offer! There are plugins and widgets and apps–oh my! Keep your website as such: YOUR website.

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  • November 28 2011

    Landing Pages Visitors Will Be Thankful For

    Big companies may have tons of money and time to throw at landing page design and testing, but it’s a safe bet you probably don’t. However, you shouldn’t let that stop you from putting to use all the lessons the big companies paid to learn.

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  • July 26 2011

    Website Analytics & the Power of Segments

    You are not running a website just to be popular; you are running it to achieve business goals. Forget that, and you will not be looking at the website metrics that will give you meaningful insights. Aggregate numbers never tell the whole story. You have to slice and dice your data into segments.

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  • July 1 2011

    Facebook for Business – A Crash Course

    Over the six weeks month, we’ll be looking into how to use a number of Facebook marketing tools to market your business. In typical Juicy fashion, we’ll make sure to include actionable tips and lots of examples. This will be the summer that you get your Facebook business strategy online.

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