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Facebook for Business – A Crash Course

Yesterday someone called me a Facebook junkie. I laughed, but I realized I’m spending more time each day using the network and further integrating it into my life. In fact, when I started thinking about this blog post, I realized that the percentage of time I spend with my Facebook app open on my iPhone now exceeds the time I spend with the web browser open.

When I got my iPhone I would pass time in lines or a waiting room reading some of my favorite news sites–but now my default is to open Facebook to see what my friends and colleagues are doing, reading and sharing.

Why should you care?

Because you want to do business with me, and to reach me you have to be where I am. Maybe not me, specifically, but others like me who are mobile, social and in the peak of their consumption lifecycle. It might be time to start looking into how your business can be best marketed on Facebook.

Over the six weeks month, we’ll be looking into how to use a number of Facebook marketing tools to market your business. In typical Juicy fashion, we’ll make sure to include actionable tips and lots of examples. This will be the summer that you get your Facebook business strategy online.

Here’s are some of the items we plan to cover:

Facebook Commerce

Facebook Commerce is relatively new and allows you to offer your goods for sale on your pages. It’s getting a lot of attention, and we’ll show you how to make it work for your business.

Facebook Deals

Will Facebook unseat Groupon? We’ll see as Facebook roles out it’s Deals section offering pre-paid offerings market by market (Altanta is already in beta).


The original way to market on Facebook, Pages allow your business to have a presence on Facebook and interact with your customers.


Facebook advertising is suprisingly powerful, and still kind of under the radar. This is a popular topic in our Instant Traffic webinar, and we’ll expand on those ideas to show you how to get business quickly from Facebook.

Check back here or subscribe to the blog as we release an overview filled with useful tips and examples of each on our small business Internet marketing blog.

How are you using Facebook to promote your business? Tell us your ideas and tips in the comments below.

Jeremy Pound
Written By Jeremy Pound

July 1 2011 in Blog, Website Tools

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