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  • July 17 2017

    What Eskimos Taught Me About Managing Sales Teams

    Eskimos are famous for having over 50 words for snow. And we’re not just talking about 50 synonyms for semi-frozen water. Each word is unique to the texture and formation of a particular type of snow. Knowing the difference is …

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  • July 6 2017

    The Secret Way Great Companies Get Their Salespeople to Use The CRM

    If you’re sold on rolling out a CRM to your sales team, but anticipate resistance, you are not alone. Fear of non-adoption is the number one objection business owners share with me. In fact, it’s often born out of experience. …

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  • October 24 2016

    Automatic Lead Integration With Your CRM

    Leads, leads, leads… give me the leads! We all know new leads light up our salespeople, but if we are sloppy about how we deliver those leads, we might be leaking opportunity as they work outside of the CRM. In this video, Jeremy shares an inexpensive tool that will automatically place your leads in your CRM for your salespeople in real time.

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  • August 24 2016

    Use Your CRM to Identify Stuck Deals

    Subscribe here to get these video tips in your inbox each week. Do people at your company compare your sales meetings to a proctologist exam? It doesn’t have to be that way. Use this one CRM report to transform your …

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  • August 8 2015

    Test Your Marketing with Statistical Significance

    One of the best things about internet marketing that everybody knows is how easy it is to test everything, but what I find is that most people give up on their tests way too prematurely. You want to make sure you accumulate enough data to actually be able to accurately judge any landing page, banner ad or website that you launch.

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  • August 7 2015

    Using Buyer Personas

    Most companies start marketing to everybody; they have not clearly defined who their perfect customer is. In marketing we have a tool called the buyer’s persona, which is a fictional representation of our ideal client. This should actually be based on someone you actually do business with, if possible. You may have met your perfect customer and if you put down on paper it’s going to help you find more people like them.

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  • August 2 2015

    Make your Website Stand Out in Conference Rooms

    With the introduction of responsive style sheets, and responsive design more and more of them are actually thinking through what your website should look like on a tablet or on phone. A responsive style sheet actually let’s you design for monitor or screen sizes of any size. But many designers overlook the monitors in conference rooms.

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  • July 28 2015

    Use Twitter to Reach New Prospects

    If your customers are on Twitter, you’re going to love today’s video. Recently, I was playing around with Twitter’s advertising platform, and I discovered that you can promote your tweets to followers of another account. Think about the ramifications of this.

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  • July 27 2015

    Take Advantage of Email Signatures for Marketing

    When you get e-mails from customers and other vendors, have you ever noticed the e-mail signature? Smart companies are use that real estate to saying something positive about their company.

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  • July 26 2015

    How To Write Better Website Copy

    I want to challenge you to not only have crystal clarity about why I should do business with you, but I actually want you to write your website copy around that. Do you have real differentiation? Are you talking about yourself in a way that your customers can’t or won’t actually claim to be the way they do business?

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