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Take Advantage of Email Signatures for Marketing

All right. I’m going to warn you, you may feel a little embarrassed after watching this video. That’s because the idea I’m going to share with you is so obvious, in hind sight, you’re going to wonder why you’re not already doing it.

When you get e-mails from customers and other vendors, have you ever noticed the e-mail signature? The really smart companies are actually taking that real estate and they’re saying something positive about their company or their products. In addition to the identifying information, like your name and your contact info, why not remind people why they’re doing business with you? What is it that’s different about your company? Have you won an award recently? Do you have a product that is basically coming out soon that you want everyone to know about? Is it that there’s a really key identifier, a key differentiator about your company that your competition can’t claim? That’s the perfect message to put in your e-mail signature.

using email signature for marketingJust think about how many e-mails you send out every day. Is it ten? Is it fifty? It might be a hundred. How many people are on your team? Do you have a ten person team sending fifty e-mails a day? That’s five-hundred pieces of communication that can be driving home the point about your company. Just think about how much e-mail gets forwarded around. Unfortunately, printed out sometimes. These are all opportunities to reinforce the message that you want to share. Decide what it is that you want everyone to know about your company and work it into your e-mail signature.

Right now, at Juicy Results, we remind people that we’re the internet marketing agency for the fortune five-million. We point them to the great information, like these videos and the articles that we put on our blog everyday, hoping that they’ll share that or send that to somebody they know. Tomorrow it might be something new, if we launch a new product or won an award. Decide what it is that you want. Don’t be afraid to change it every month or every quarter, but don’t neglect such a great piece of advertising real estate for your marketing message.

Juicy Results is the Internet marketing agency for the fortune five million. We publish a new marketing video every day as part of our Juicy Bits series. Check us out on YouTube and Facebook.

Jeremy Pound
Written By Jeremy Pound

July 27 2015 in Blog, Content Strategy, Tips + Tricks

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