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Use Twitter to Reach New Prospects

If your customers are on Twitter, you’re going to love today’s video. Recently, I was playing around with Twitter’s advertising platform, and I discovered that you can promote your tweets to followers of another account. Now, you can’t do this on Facebook yet, although a lot of people think this is going to come, but this is really brilliant because you can basically let someone else do all the work to build the following, and then you can just promote your tweets to that same audience. Think about the ramifications of this.

Let’s go through a couple examples. I could find my biggest competitors, and I could actually create some great content that I want them all to know and I can promote it just to the followers of their accounts. Now, if I felt like there was something we did that they were weak at, I could actually promote that content right to their followers. If you wanted to reach every NFL fan or every Nascar fan, for example, you can simply target your promotion to the followers of the biggest athletes in those sports. And it doesn’t just stop there.

Promoted Tweets

Let’s say that you want to reach every creative stay-at-home mom. Perhaps you could promote your tweets to Rachael Ray or somebody in that space. It’s just such a fantastic way to make sure that you get your best content in front of people who have a shared interest. Now, I could go on and on about examples of this, but I wanted to make sure that you knew about it. And I know that Facebook and Instagram get all of the attention, but there is a lot, millions of people, on Twitter and they use it quite heavily. People are quite rabid fans or users of Twitter when they’re on there. So think about if your customers are on Twitter, think about who they may be following, and play around with some sponsored content.

It’s actually relatively inexpensive to get your message in front of those people. Who knows, you may have just found a great new way to generate leads for your company.

Jeremy Pound
Written By Jeremy Pound

July 28 2015 in Blog, Lead Generation, Social Media, Tips + Tricks

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