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  • December 11 2018

    How to Attract Motivated Salespeople (and Keep Them)

    On a recent episode of my podcast, New Customer Machine, I spoke with Jack Daly, internationally renowned sales expert and author of the book, Hyper Sales Growth. One of the things I wanted his take on was employee motivation.

    “How do you motivate your people? You hire them that way!” he said.

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  • December 5 2018

    Are You Losing Sales By Overloading Your Prospects? Try This Approach Instead…

    If you knew a prospect was only going to remember one thing about your product or service a week after your first meeting, what would you want it to be? And just in case I wasn’t clear, that’s all they’re likely to remember. Why not be intentional about it?

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  • July 17 2017

    What Eskimos Taught Me About Managing Sales Teams

    The most effective sales teams have a unique language that only they speak. If a stranger walked into one of their sales meetings, they’d feel like an outsider at an Eskimo council. Top teams use a finite set of precise terms to describe their pipeline and where each prospect fits into it.

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  • August 9 2015

    Raise Your Price

    I actually want to encourage you to raise the pricing of your products and services. That’s because pricing is a key element that we use to make subconscious decisions about products and services, just like the products name, the packaging it comes in, and even the people selling it to us.

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  • August 6 2015

    Use Reciprocity to Make Your Marketing More Effective

    Think about how you feel when somebody does something nice for you. Even if it’s a little tiny thing, I bet your natural inclination is you want to return the favor or at least look at that person in a more favorable light. Now that’s called reciprocity. When somebody does something for you, you just feel obligated to return the favor.

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  • August 4 2015

    Know Your Customer Lifetime Value

    Knowing your Customer Lifetime Value is critical when evaluating new marketing and advertising opportunities. Make sure you know yours! Check back tomorrow for a new Juicy Bits video. We post a new marketing tip every day!

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  • August 1 2015

    Make Marketing a Habit

    I would argue that all great marketing is really a series of habits. Find out whose calendar marketing belongs on and make sure there’s big chunks of time dedicated to marketing your company on someone’s calendar. Those will become habits and that’s how you’re ultimately going to find success in any kind of marketing.

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  • July 29 2015

    The Psycology of Social Proof

    A good marketer is also a student of psychology. Today I want to introduce a concept called social proof. Social proof is this phenomenon that we, as human beings, tend to look around and see what other people are doing so that we can make better decisions.

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  • July 26 2015

    How To Write Better Website Copy

    I want to challenge you to not only have crystal clarity about why I should do business with you, but I actually want you to write your website copy around that. Do you have real differentiation? Are you talking about yourself in a way that your customers can’t or won’t actually claim to be the way they do business?

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  • July 24 2015

    One of the Best Marketing Books Ever – Purple Cow

    The focus of this video is one of the most simple but most influential concepts of my entire marketing career. In 2012, Seth Godin released the now famous book called Purple Cow. The whole premise of Purple Cow–it’s a pretty thin book–can be summed up in one quick passage that I want to share with you so bare with me, it’s just a couple of paragraphs.

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