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Make Marketing a Habit

A couple years ago I read a great book by Martin Grunburg called The Habit Factor and in The Habit Factor, Martin tells us that success is more often achieved through a series of habits than the long to do lists that we typically use to govern our days. Think about it, if you’re signing up for a marathon you might start out with a to do list such as I got to go register for that marathon, I’ve got to get some new shoes, and then I’ve got to start running, but how much are you going to run? Are you going to run once a day, three times a week, and for how long? Those are habits that you’re actually developing and so the argument is that you’re better off focusing on what can I do on a regular basis to be able to run that full marathon? When you think about marketing, it’s very similar.

I find way too often people wake up on a Tuesday and say, “Today I’m going to market,” and they spend all day on all kinds of marketing activity only to never touch those activities again for several months, and that start and stop activity is never going to accomplish the goals that that marketer actually wants. When we created this video series here at Juicy Results, there were a number of to do items, such as finding the intro and outro music and coming up with the scene that we were going to film it in but then we had to schedule time to script, film, and edit video after video and now those have become habits that are actually on our calendar that we’ve developed over time.

I would argue that all great marketing is really a series of habits. Find out whose calendar marketing belongs on and make sure there’s big chunks of time dedicated to marketing your company on someone’s calendar. Those will become habits and that’s how you’re ultimately going to find success in any kind of marketing.

Jeremy Pound
Written By Jeremy Pound

August 1 2015 in Blog, Strategic Advice

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