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How to Use Webinars in your Marketing

Have you ever used webinars in your internet marketing? Chances are, you’ve probably attended a webinar, maybe even done business with the company who put a webinar on, but never really thought about webinars for your company. I know this seem intimidating and they can be a lot of work, but webinars are a fantastic way to build a relationship with your prospects and generate leads for your sales team. Let’s walk through some of my best tips for webinars.

The key to using webinars to actually sell is to give people information that they wouldn’t have other have. I know you probably already do this when you’re selling. Think about it, you’re talking to a prospect, they feel like the buying criteria is way over here and when you are done talking with them, they now realize that they need to be focused way over there. I call that the “a-ha” moment. A successful webinar will have one or many “a-ha” moments. In fact, the only way it’s going to be successful for you is if you can actually do something where you completely change the mind-shift of the prospect.

The thinking here is, “How do I get them to not want to talk to any other competitors when they’re done with this webinar? How can I make them feel like we’re playing in a very different league than anybody else? We’ve got a completely different strategy and why aren’t these other people asking me the questions or giving me the same information that this person who put the webinar is?”

Think about that. You probably sell in a different way, or you’ve got some value that you provide that your competitors don’t. That’s a great framework to actually design your webinar around.

Think about this, when the customers are done with the webinar, they have basically spent 30 minutes, maybe an hour, maybe two hours with you, depending on how intensive your webinar is. That’s the beginning of a relationship. You can actually scale that to do that to a hundred, or 500, or a thousand people that would take you very many days to actually do that one-on-one with people on the phone.

What is it that you’re hoping to accomplish after a couple initial meetings with the customer. In addition to actually listening to them and learning what their needs are, you’re probably trying to reframe the buying process, you’re trying to teach them what it is that they don’t know because they don’t know what they don’t know. That’s what you can accomplish in one webinar in 30 minutes to a thousand people. It’s pretty exciting.

We’ve used webinars here at Juicy Results and the key is, once you’ve got the right content that you know is going to make a real impact on your prospects, you need to get people to the webinar. You’re giving away some of your best information, may feel counter-intuitive. I want to encourage you to spend the time, the same amount of time and resources that you spend today to sell people to get them to your webinar.

Actually, I want yo to advertise a webinar. I want you to call people, invite them to the webinar. I want you to follow up. I want you to use all the same sales and marketing tactics that you’re using today to try to get a meeting, a one-on-one meeting to try to get people to your webinar. Like I said before, this is scalable so you’ll find that a much higher impact use of your time. There’s a lot of leverage in this situation so the thing that I did when we started doing webinar is I just attended a ton of them. I just started signing up for the best webinars I could. I took notes, I decided what it was that I like about the webinars, what I didn’t. Naturally, I ended up doing business with a lot of those companies that I signed up for.

This works. This is a great way to scale all of the effort of meeting somebody, changing their mindset, basically educating them on why they should do business with you or how they should buy your product and service. You can do that to a thousand people at a time with a webinar.

Think about how you’d work a webinar into your lead development process and once you decide to do it, commit to it with the same fervor, and the same budget that you commit to actually selling today, and you’ll be amazed that the relationships that you build, the pipeline that you can create, and the revenue that you can generate.

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