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Best Way to Avoid Lead Form Spam

All right, I’ll admit it. I’m going to geek out in this one. This is a quick one. There’s a new technology that I’m so excited about. If you’ve got lead generation forms on your website, the thing where people put in their name and email address and hit submit… I know you that you know what I’m talking about.

At some point after you launched your site, you started getting inundated with spam bots. People just putting in things about Viagra and all kinds of Russian pharmacies, coming through, trying to get you as if you’re really going to click on this link that came from a spam bot and do business with them. It distorts your conversion rates, it gives your marketers all this stuff that they don’t want to look at, and then they start deleting emails because it’s like the boy who cried wolf. You start to think none of them are actually real leads. What you do, you put one of those little CAPTCHA things on. CAPTCHA is, “Please prove that you’re not a robot.” Those are annoying, especially if you’re trying to fill out a lead form on your tablet or on your phone.

The guys at Google blow me away. They went back and they completely rethought this thing. Now, they literally have a checkbox that you check. There’s no entering code. There’s no way to… Nothing that you have to do as a human being. They’re using this crazy algorithm to watch how… If you’re actually interacting with the webpage like a human rather than a bot that’s just submit the form, submit the form, submit the form, submit the form. That’s all they’re doing. They’ve got it so that you can just basically put a big checkbox on your lead form that says, “I’m not a robot,” you check the box, and it works.

It’s called Google reCAPTCHA. R-E-C-A-P-T-C-H-A, reCAPTCHA. Put that into Google. Google reCAPTCHA. It’ll come right up. Add it to your lead forms. Replace that old legacy annoying CAPTCHA stuff. Ask your website designer if they need to do it for you, but please make the web a better place, and let’s all move over to something as easy as reCAPTCHA.

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Jeremy Pound
Written By Jeremy Pound

July 19 2015 in Blog, Tips + Tricks, Website Tools

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