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Why Use an Internet Marketing Agency

It is estimated that each American spends about 13 hours per month on the Internet. That number can be much higher for those that work in an office environment, and is rapidly increasing for all Americans due to the explosion of mobile phones and devices such as the ipad.

The Internet transcends personal and professional activities, proving vital to our professional lives and seemingly indispensable to our social lives. It is also where we go for entertainment.

why use an Internet marketing agencyMeanwhile, reaching consumers and decision makers in this noisy world is becoming harder and harder. Trends show that traditional mass media is past it’s peak, with our attention becoming more fragmented on more and more specialized forms of media such as social networks, websites, streaming video and apps.

For you, the marketer, this means more targeted and relatively less expensive, less wasteful methods of reaching your new customers.

Consider these Internet marketing stats:

  • The average tablet user spends 13.9 hours per week with the device. (Source: OPA)
  • YouTube users watch more than 3B hours of video per month. (Source: YouTube)
  • 91% of online adults use social media regularly. (Source: Experian)
  • While the amount of time Americans spend watching TV has remained roughly the same in the past five years, Internet use has increased by over 120% in the same time frame.
    • An Internet marketing agency can help you formulate the right strategy to take advantage of these trends, and implement them into results.

      What does an Internet marketing agency do?

      The right Internet marketing agency will understand how to expose your website to potential new customers. While you may be tempted to bring someone on staff, “Internet marketing” can actually mean a lot of different things, and rarely do you find one person who is versed in a variety of methods including SEO, social media, website design and pay-per-click marketing. This is where it can be advantageous to hire a firm, because you may gain access to multiple specialized experts for the same price or less than a full time employee.

      Types of Internet marketing agencies

      Since Internet marketing can mean so many things, and the field is growing so quickly, you can expect to find many different flavors of agencies and firms when searching for an Internet marketing firm. Some will specialize in SEO or Google AdWords, and there are an ever increasing number of social media firms. Additionally, most advertising agencies and PR firms are adding Internet marketing services.

      In a future article, I’ll give you some tips for choosing an Internet marketing agency. But, for now, you should make sure any firm you consider understands your business model; can demonstrate exactly how they plan to bring you business; and is comfortable setting hard accountable metrics that will demonstrate their performance.

      Ensuring Success

      Unless you have the money to hire experts and build a team of Internet marketers, your best path to success will be to hire the right Internet marketing agency. We, of course, would love to discuss this opportunity with you.

      Take a look at our guaranteed seo services, our website packages, or just call us to discuss your needs.

Jeremy Pound
Written By Jeremy Pound

June 28 2013 in Blog, Internet Marketing Terms

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