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User Profiling and Lead Scoring For Your Sales Team

If you’re trying to generate leads with your website, then I’ve got 2 tools that you need to know about. The first is user profile. The second is lead scoring. The two work together.

First, I want to explain what they mean, individually.

User profiling is software that connects with your CRM that actually tracks the individual behavior of any of your prospects. For example, which pages they visit, which emails they open, how they interact with you on social media. When was the last time they went on your website? This is all available, down to the individual level, with a user profiling tool. Now, it’s different than a tool like Google Analytics, that only tracks anonymous data. Now, lead scoring is going to allow you to make up an algorithm and apply a scoring formula to that activity. For example, maybe one point for visiting a webpage. Five points for opening an email. Twenty points for filling out a form or downloading some kind of white paper.

This is going to allow you to throttle your leads or escalate your leads to a salesperson, when they’re most ready to talk to somebody. At the same time, when that salesperson gets that lead, because of the user profiling formula, they’re going to know what they already know about the product because of what pages they’ve visited, which emails they were responding to. That salesperson is going to be set up way closer to understand why that potential customer might buy from you.

I’ve said it many times. I believe that a well-trained, highly-effective salesperson is one of your biggest assets as a company. What you need to do is actually prioritize and maximize their time to route your revenue. You can do that with a lead-scoring formula and giving them the user profiling for when they actually get that lead. If you’re using your website for lead generation and you’re not using a marketing automation tool, like Act-On or HubSpot that has these user profiling and lead scoring tools on it then you’re leaving a lot of business on the table.

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