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Page One Domination in One Day!

Here is a great tip on how to accomplish page one domination in one day. Now if you’re wondering what page one domination is just go ahead and Google page one domination. You’re probably going to find a great article from Juicy Results on what it is and how to accomplish it.

Page one domination is simply dominating all of page one in the search engines when somebody types in your company name, your product names or even your key executive names.

So imagine someone “Googles” your name. They know who you are and they’re doing research on you. You want to come up consistently and completely take over page one of Google.

That’s going to insinuate that you’re a reputable company who’s been in business and knows what they’re doing.

So here’s the process. You’re going to find a competitor or two that already has page one domination for their names. Someone whose either a direct competitor or knows someone in the industry and what you’re going to do is you’re going to Google their name, and you’re going to open a spreadsheet and you’re going to through the first several pages of Google, maybe 2 maybe 3 and you’re going to make a list of all the websites that show up. Obviously their website will rank but you’re going to find a recurring theme here and we’re also going to give you a list of other websites that rank highly when Google has nothing else to rank.

These are social network sites like Google Plus, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Linked In. These are all things that are going to show up for just about every company. Those are going to be some of the same things you’re going to find as you click through your competitors but I bet you’re going to find some industry specific databases, maybe some local chamber of commerces. Anything that you can actually create your own listing in, you want to take note of because you’re already proving that those are ranking high when Google doesn’t have anything else to rank for and that’s what we’re looking here is, we’re looking for websites that rank high and are easy for anyone to create their own profile on okay?

Now the second thing you’re going to do is take the list on this post and you’re going to cross check it with the list you already have and you’re going to add any of these low hanging fruit, easy to add your own profile websites, to your list. You’re going to have one comprehensive list. Now the third thing I want you to do is think through any organizations you pay a membership to, maybe a local chamber of commerce or an industry specific trade association, maybe a better business bureau. Anyone you would pay an organization fee too is probably going to have a way for you to be listed on their website and you’re going to want to take advantage of that.

The ultimate goal is to have a list of a couple dozen websites that you can create profiles on and I call this page one domination in one day because I want you or someone who works for you to set aside an entire day to knock this thing out. It may not even take a full day but you want to get it all done okay? And here is the important minutiae to get right. You want to be consistent with your company name, your company description, your phone number and the city that you’re in or the address in every single profile.

Consistency across the board is what’s going to assure you’re ranking when somebody types in your company name so you’ll always want to mention the same way. Not Acme in one, Acme Inc. in another, it’s always got to be Acme whatever you do, consistently across the board. You also want to go so far as to make sure your city and state is in every single one if a local search matters to you. For example if somebody looks up internet marketing agencies in Florida, they’re going to find Juicy Results because we’ve been very consistent in all of our profiles. You’re also going to want to make sure that that little sentence or paragraph that every one of them gives you is exactly the same all the way across so that the search engines know that this is the same company being found all across the internet.

It doesn’t have to be you, it doesn’t even take someone extremely technical. It just takes someone whose a little bit web savvy that can go through and knock all this out in a half a day or a day. The more that you can get the better and what you’re going to find is within a couple weeks, maybe a couple months, when you start typing in your company name, your product names, even your executive names, you’re going to find that you’re dominating page one.

It’s easier to do if you’ve got a very unique name, for example, Juicy Results, versus being called something very general such as Florida Insurance so it’s going to work in your favor the more specific your name but it doesn’t matter. Even if you’ve got a very specific name, if you do this work it will still work for you. So that’s your plan, one day to page one domination. I think it’s a critical brand asset for any company today and I hope that you guys get started on it. Thanks!

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Jeremy Pound
Written By Jeremy Pound

July 16 2015 in Blog, Local SEO, SEO

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