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Add a Call-to-Action To Your Facebook Cover Photo

We all know about the cover image, that large photo on the top of your Facebook Fan Page, some of the most important real estate of the entire page. But did you know that you can add a call to action button that takes the users away from Facebook to your website right over the image? You could make it say visit our store, watch a video, or contact us.

Let’s take a look at how to do it together. You’re looking at our Juicy Results Facebook page, as you can see we are using our cover photo to promote an upcoming webinar, so what I’m going to do is I’m actually going to create a call to action which, if you missed that, there’s a button right here. If you’re logged in as a user who has control of the Facebook page or administrative privileges, you’ll see here that there’s always a create call to action button.

When you click on that, you’re going to have a limited list of options, so you have to pick one of these because each has an icon associated with it, so there’s a number of options that will be right for you.

Most people will probably either use contact us or shop now, but we’re actually going to make ours watch video and I’m going to paste in the link to the webinar page on the Juicy Results site that actually has a webinar video. It’s going to ask me if I want to send it somewhere else on the phone, I’m going to send it to the same place, but as you can see I can actually send it to an app, just going to go ahead and hit next for both platforms, Android and iOS, so everywhere is going to go to the webpage. Great, so when users come here, the call to action button is ready and anybody can click on it and actually go to the link.

I’d like to see you guys add a great call to action over your cover photo on Facebook to get your customers back to your website.

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Jeremy Pound
Written By Jeremy Pound

July 14 2015 in Blog, Social Media

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