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Discover New Keywords With Google Search Suggest

Quick tip for you guys today. There is an abundance of customer intelligence hiding right before your eyes in google. What I’m talking about are those suggestions that pop-up when you begin to type in a search query in google. When you type in a word or two on google, you’ll notice that four or five suggestions actually pop-up. I think they called that search suggest or google suggest.

What they’re basing that on is past searches, so you can assume that the suggestions that come up first are the most searched for options. When you’re designing your website and you’re thinking about keyword that you want to rank for, you should actually search to type in some of your products and services and see what google suggest. What inspired this idea, this video today, is I was actually typing in how to use Webinars to generate leads, to see what other people have written about the topic. Is that something that we talked about a lot here? When I typed in how to use Webinars I actually got it back some suggestions that were different but clearly more searched for than the term that I was researching.

search suggest screenshotI think it was how to use Webinars to sell or how to use Webinars to increase sales. I think those were the first two options. I was focused on how to use Webinars to generate leads when in reality more people are actually searching for how to use Webinars to sell or to increase sales. If I was going to spend a time to invest in SEO and to rank for those key words, I could have just overlooked the more searched for, the more popular terms because I simply didn’t know any better.

You will be surprised what these terms up. If you start to type in your product and service names or how to do something related to your products and services, you might find it really interesting but I bet you’ll find it pretty surprising what actually comes up that you’ve never thought about before. Use the other videos that we talked about, about how to write content to rank for long tails search queries like how to use Webinars to increase sales.

This tip will actually point you in the right directions. It’s a quick tip. It’s right there. You don’t have to buy any software. You can just starting typing your products and services in the google and you’ll probably be surprised by what you find.

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Jeremy Pound
Written By Jeremy Pound

July 25 2015 in Blog, SEO

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