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The Marketing Benefits of Juicy Bits

So here we are. It’s day 30 of our consecutive daily Juicy Bits Video Series. Whether you have been watching from the beginning or this is your first one, I’m excited that you’re here for us. Today’s topic, I actually wanted to address the question everybody’s been asking me. Why spend all this time doing Juicy Bits? There’s actually two reasons I’m going to give you today. The first reason is learning. Learning is really important to a firm like Juicy Results. Anyone in the Internet marketing space. There’s constantly new things coming out. It’s important that everybody on the team is always learning new things and kind of reinforcing or crystallizing the information that we practice every day.

It also means learning for you guys. Whether you’re just a part of our fan base, if you’re an actual customer, or a prospective customer, it’s important to change the way you think about certain things so that we can have a better dialogue about how we can help you if necessary. That’s learning.

The second thing is content. Content can mean a lot of things, but if you’ve ever tried to embark on an SCO Initiative or social media marketing, you’ll soon find out that no matter how much information you have, you can do very little without content. Imagine having a new rich blog post, a video for YouTube, a social media post. No matter what happens every single day, we’ve got some rich content to put into our SCO, to put into our social media, and to basically to put into our marketing. Content is key in anything involving modern marketing, in my opinion.

I’d also say that that same content can be used by us and our sales team to follow up with people that we have relationships with. You may be a lead of ours that we haven’t talked to in a week or a month or a year. Rather than just chiming in with the boring old ho-hum, hey just checking in to see how you’re doing, or hey, have you decided or made a decision on that proposal yet? You now are going to have hundreds of very precise, very targeted topics that we can share with our clients and our perspective clients at just the right time. We are an Internet marketing agency, so we decided to make a daily marketing tip. Maybe you have an insurance agency, kind of a local neighborhood insurance agency, maybe you could provide a daily type about safety or about financial matters.

I want to challenge you guys to make your own version of Juicy Bits, whatever that is. It doesn’t have to be just like ours, but if you understand that it’s going to increase the learning within your organization and it’s going to provide you with so much valuable content that will propel all of your other marketing, like social media and SCO. You’ll understand why we’re investing the time to create this series. We’re also going to learn by testing what we do with these videos. Everyday for the first 30 days, we’ve posted them on Facebook, on YouTube, at 11:30 Eastern every morning. The feedback that we’ve gotten is that people actually want to watch these as they’re getting up in the morning or before they get to work, and so we’re actually going to start releasing them much earlier in the day, potentially 8:00 Eastern every day.

They’re also going to be available in the iTunes library as a video podcast very soon. We’re also learning and we’re going to test how the feedback and the viewership and the impressions change by posting at 8:00 a.m. versus posting at 11:30 for the first 30 days. If it comes to learning and it comes to content, I don’t have any better recommendation for you than to challenge you guys to come up with your own daily or weekly or monthly or one-time video series, whatever it is for you. Thanks for being here with us.

Jeremy Pound
Written By Jeremy Pound

August 11 2015 in Blog, Content Strategy, Lead Generation, SEO, Social Media

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