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David Shriner-Cahn on Systematizing Your Marketing – NCM 001

On this inaugural episode of the New Customer Machine podcast, Jeremy sits down with David Shriner-Cahn. Jeremy and David love to talk business philosophies and ideas together and this week they’re bringing the conversation to you. They largely focus on how you as a business owner can systematize the marketing and sales process and how Davids’ system can help a company of any size smash through the plateau.

Here are some of the questions covered in this episode:

  • Is it worse to have poor systems set up in your sales process or no systems at all?
  • How do you implement new systems without disrupting sales you need to make in the meantime?
  • How do you keep business running while simultaneously working on the business?

Jeremy and David touch on all these topics and answer all these questions using real world examples and case studies.

David has spent the last two decades as CEO, COO, and CFO in the non-profit world. He is the president of TEND Strategic Partners, a consulting firm in New York City, where he works with CEOs of successful companies that keep hitting roadblocks. He is a recognized authority on leadership and management capabilities that lead to organizational excellence. David is also the creator of the TEND System, which was created to reduce stress, decrease costly mistakes and identify, find, integrate and manage the resources companies need to smash the plateau and drive success forward. Jeremy’s first podcast appearance was actually on David’s successful business podcast: “Smashing the Plateau”, which features leaders helping leaders to break through barriers.

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January 27 2016 in Blog, New Customer Machine Podcast

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