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Joe Apfelbaum on Taking the Fear Out of Marketing – NCM 003

In this episode of New Customer Machine, Jeremy talks to his good friend  Joe Apfelbaum about fear and the role it plays in our lives as marketers and business people. Joe has been using his aptitude for building business and personal relationships to promote his new book, “Average Joe to CEO”. The book focuses on his personal story and how every lesson he has learned over the years lifted him up to where he is now. A common theme in his book is fear; how it can hold us back in our personal and professional lives and how it prevents us from taking the bold and decisive actions needed to move forward with our plans. Joe also discusses the differences between being a good CEO and a great CEO as well as many other important ideas that are featured in his book.

Joe Apfelbaum is an entrepreneur, investor, speaker and Google Trainer. He is the CEO of Ajax Union, a full service digital marketing agency based in Brooklyn, New York. He hosts the weekly web series GrowTime and has been featured on CEO Mojo, a podcast that features CEO Interviews.

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February 1 2016 in Blog, New Customer Machine Podcast

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