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Amanda Holmes on The Buyer’s Pyramid – NCM 004


New Customer Machine returns for episode 4 and today Jeremy is joined by Amanda Holmes. Their conversation centers on the concept of the Buyers Pyramid: how businesses can use it, why they don’t think this way intuitively and the strategic benefits that can come from implementing this idea and putting strategies before tactics. Jeremy and Amanda talk not only discuss the Buyers’ Pyramid, but  many of the other ideas that were penned by Amanda’s father, Chet Holmes, in The Ultimate Sales Machine as well.

Amanda Holmes is the CEO of Chet Holmes International. She studied music at USC, but gave it up to take over her fathers position as CEO after he passed away from leukemia. Chet Holmes wrote The Ultimate Sales Machine, which is still popular 20 years later as a holy grail of marketing philosophies that have shaped modern educational marketing and value added sales processes.  Amanda has run Chet Holmes International for 4 years and in that time has elevated it from ultimate sales machine into a more current, modern and streamlined company.

Get to know Amanda Holmes:

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February 3 2016 in Blog, New Customer Machine Podcast

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