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Monthly Archives: January 2011

  • January 28 2011

    5 Ways to Improve your Online Business Presence

    With January over, it’s a sure bet that many of those tidy 2011 Internet marketing resolutions you set for your business have given way to putting out client fires, plowing through a stuffed inbox, and taming the overflowing file repository you used to call a desk.

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  • January 26 2011

    The Secret Ingredient to Successful Marketing and Advertising

    Here’s the scenario I run into all too often. We’re in a meeting with a new client batting around some marketing ideas when some suggestion causes the client to strongly state that advertising does not work for their product (or service). “Advertising is something we’ve tried, and it just doesn’t work for us because…”

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  • January 17 2011

    Satisfaction Is A Moving Target

    If you operate a business where customer service matters—and I think that’s just about any business—then I highly recommend Harry Beckwith’s books. He wrote a series of amazing books in the nineties aimed at service businesses around the concept of delighting your customers and shaping wonderful client experiences.

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  • January 4 2011

    Small Business Internet Marketing Resolutions for 2011

    Now that you’ve experienced major success with your Internet marketing endeavors in 2010 and your small business is breaking sales records, we can focus on how to maximize the value of all those new customer relationships. Wait, what’s that? You didn’t experience that kind of success last year?

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