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Monthly Archives: May 2012

  • May 31 2012

    Facebook Insights: Do You Like Your Results?

    We’ve taken what FB says about their numbers and boiled it down to what you REALLY need to know to see if your FB work is doing you any good. Because after all, that’s really what it’s all about.

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  • May 29 2012

    Are You a Social Media Loser?

    Social media is a lot like a new puppy: it is new and wonderful and perhaps even adorable at first, but it quickly turns into a burden that requires constant attention. But the pay off is so wonderful! Learn how to train yourself and your staff to stay in the game without becoming discouraged.

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  • May 16 2012

    Understand Friction And You Can Create Effective Internet Marketing Campaigns

    In physics, friction is the resistance that will slow a moving object down. Similarly in sales, friction is anything that will slow down or stop a potential customer in the sales process—the process that you design.

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  • May 8 2012

    The Number One Reason Your Small Business Will Not Grow

    There are three things you absolutely need to attract more customers to your business. Unfortunately, there are so many businesses that miss the mark on one or more of them. Use our questionnaire to test your business!

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