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Monthly Archives: June 2012

  • June 27 2012

    Facebook Insights: Do you Like Your Results? (The Sequel)

    In our followup to to our first insightful post on Facebook Insights, we go even deeper into some of Facebook’s wonky metrics. But there is no analysis paralysis…we just give you what you need to know to get the most out of your Facebook marketing.

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  • June 26 2012

    Take Back Your Independence With WordPress

    Don’t let your website be controlled by someone else; handle it yourself with all of the free features a WordPress theme has to offer! There are plugins and widgets and apps–oh my! Keep your website as such: YOUR website.

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  • June 20 2012

    Where Do I Advertise Online?

    As marketers and business owners, we all dream of new customers streaming in one after the other like dominoes falling. But, how do you know where your business should be focusing its efforts? Glad you asked, because we have a decision framework to help you find your next source of customers!

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  • June 19 2012

    Why Design Comes Last

    Why does a graphic artist believe design should come last? Most people who have had experience working with a designer have some expectations for how the design process works, and it isn’t like this.

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