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Monthly Archives: January 2015

  • January 28 2015

    Why You Won’t Write

    While I regularly write today to share my learning and crystallize my thoughts, I struggled with this for a long time. It kills me to imagine the expertise, audience and reach I would enjoy today had I committed to creating consistent content a decade or more ago when I started building my first business.

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  • January 23 2015

    Advanced Keyword Selection for Websites with Existing Rankings

    No matter where you are, no SEO effort should begin (or reset) without strategically deciding which keywords you want to rank for. Additionally, If you already have a decent presence in search engines, then we recommend one very useful step to the basic process of keyword identification.

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  • January 19 2015

    People Buy Identities, Not Products

    Every day, when making decisions about where to eat, who our accountant will be, which mode of transportation to use, or even which bottle of water to pick up at the convenience store, we are subconsciously building our own internal self image.

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  • January 8 2015

    Selecting The Right Keywords For Your SEO Campaign

    There is no surer way to fail than an ambiguous or unrealistic definition of success; yet that is what I find most companies have when it comes to their SEO initiatives. Use this free worksheet to develop your own keyword target list for your company.

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