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The Best SEO is Like Dominoes

Last year, I read The One Thing by Gary Keller, and discovered something called Geometric Progression. Keller shared that a falling domino can knock over an object 50% larger in size. And, that if you keep lining successively larger dominoes up, you can knock over an enormous object—theoretically as large as the Empire State Building—in a line of a a surprisingly few dominoes.

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Jun 27 2015

Rule #1 for Using Your CRM Effectively

There is an extremely avoidable mistake pervasive in sales teams that is wiping out revenue. I am on a mission to spread the word. Find a meaningful way to follow up, and do it on time, every time, and you will add zeros to the right side of your sales revenue.

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Jun 18 2015

B2B Website Checklist for Mobile Devices

86% of executives use their tablet and 72% use their smartphone to conduct research for products or services for their business. Ignoring the mobile experience can cost you serious business! Consider this post your wakeup call to shore up your company website's performance on mobile devices.

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Jun 4 2015

The Top Mistake Companies Make When Measuring SEO

There is a HUGE mistake I see almost everyone make when they are managing and measuring their SEO efforts. It's obvious in hindsight, but until someone points it out, I can't fault anyone for making it, as I committed this mistake for years. The reason this fallacy is so damaging is that it causes us to make decisions on the wrong data.

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Jun 3 2015

Want Better SEO? Become a Content Publisher

One of the most effective ways I know to boost your search engine traffic is to commit to regularly publishing new content on your website. For most clients I work with, I ask them to commit to a minimum of one new quality web page per week. That's also about what we do here at Juicy Results.

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Apr 24 2015

The "Right" SEO Mindset

Besides some additional training and experience, I would bet that the biggest difference between the most successful search marketers and everyone else is having the right SEO Mindset. The right SEO Mindset opens you up to constantly identify new search opportunities and quickly envision ways to take advantage of them.

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Apr 6 2015

Do I Need a Website Support and Maintenance Program?

If you own a car, you're already half-way to understanding the key to getting the most out of your website. Having a preventative system in place gives you the peace of mind that there is a dedicated team member whose job it is to prepare for the worst case scenario.

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Mar 20 2015

Your Search Rankings May Be Primed For A Fall

Up until this point, it seemed that optimizing your web pages for mobile would help ensure users wouldn’t miss out on your content while on the go. But the urgency of adoption is increasing. This announcement appears to be a hint that your existing rankings might actually drop if you are not in compliance.

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Mar 16 2015

Five Search Marketing Insights You Should Know Today

If your entire understanding of search marketing was defined years ago, you might want to re-evaluate your past approaches and assumptions. We've put together five search marketing insights that can shape your search strategy in 2015.

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Mar 8 2015

Five Common Reasons Why SEO Campaigns Fail

SEO is a technical service that is constantly changing and, unfortunately, filled with people who are better salesman than service providers. But it is possible to find success if you can avoid a number of common traps. I’ve found that there are a handful of mistakes that show up repeatedly in failed SEO initiatives even when qualified and experienced people are involved.

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Feb 28 2015

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