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Why Should I do Business With You?

When meeting with clients to discuss their marketing initiatives, I often find that they don’t have a clear value proposition, benefits statement or any type of compelling offer that will get a prospect’s attention. At some point, I simply ask “why should I do business with you?”

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Dec 4 2014

When Your Customers Are Ready to Buy... Will They Find You?

As sales managers, marketers and business owners, we're always chasing new leads—especially leads that are ready to buy. But, if you're only showing up when a customer is ready to buy, you're losing ground quickly to competitors.

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Nov 29 2014

Using Marketing Automation With Social Media: Part II

As I mentioned in part I of this article, social media can be a powerful tool in automating your marketing–a tool that I think it is underused by most companies. Now let’s dive into a couple of ways to acquire new leads via social media.

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Nov 21 2014

6 Rules for Succeeding at Juicy Results

I interviewed for a Junior Web Designer position two years ago and have had so much fun working here since. I’ve learned a lot and have grown as a designer since starting here, and I wanted to give words of advice to any new Juicer coming on board.

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Nov 17 2014

The Secret Formula to Generating Leads Online

We’ve put together a fast paced executive presentation to demonstrate our unique philosophy and approach to generating leads online. In order to increase sales in any business, you must continually be filling the sales funnel with quality leads. But doing so can be expensive and difficult.

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Nov 11 2014

Using Marketing Automation With Social Media

When you think marketing automation, I bet you think email. And email campaigns are a great way to nurture leads at scale over time. But social media can also be a powerful tool in automating your marketing–a tool that I think it is underused by most companies.

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Nov 10 2014

What is Lead Scoring?

Lead scoring is the methodology of applying a dynamic score to contacts that signifies the perceived value or likelihood of that customer buying. Using a scoring system across a high number of leads allows your salespeople to decide who to contact as well as helping your marketing department make data-driven decisions.

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Oct 31 2014

Avoid This Common SEO Pitfall On Your Blog

I would say that the most common mistake I find when we audit a company’s website is that their blog is hosted on a subdomain—such as—or even on an entirely different domain—such as

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Oct 23 2014

Using Marketing Automation with SEO

Expand your use of SEO keyword targets beyond your products and services to focus on the problems and answers your customers are searching for. This will bring you a stream of potential customers very early in the process long before they begin contacting competitors.

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Oct 17 2014

What Google Wants II: Perfect Match Content

Pages that are hyper focused on a single idea or topic tend to rank higher (for their topic) than a page covering lots of ideas. We actually have a term we use here at Juicy—“Perfect Match” content—that refers to what we believe the perfect piece of content Google would ideally like to serve for a hyper-focused search term (also referred to as “long tail” search terms).

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Oct 10 2014

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