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How to Attract Motivated Salespeople (and Keep Them)

On a recent episode of my podcast, New Customer Machine, I spoke with Jack Daly, internationally renowned sales expert and author of the book, Hyper Sales Growth. One of the things I wanted his take on was employee motivation.

“How do you motivate your people? You hire them that way!” he said.

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Dec 11 2018

Are You Losing Sales By Overloading Your Prospects? Try This Approach Instead…

If you knew a prospect was only going to remember one thing about your product or service a week after your first meeting, what would you want it to be? And just in case I wasn’t clear, that’s all they’re likely to remember. Why not be intentional about it?

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Dec 5 2018

Too much drama on your sales team?

I’ve served business owners for almost two decades, and built my own sales teams at two different companies. And, I can assure you that this drama you might be experiencing is all too common.

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Aug 28 2018

What Eskimos Taught Me About Managing Sales Teams

The most effective sales teams have a unique language that only they speak. If a stranger walked into one of their sales meetings, they'd feel like an outsider at an Eskimo council. Top teams use a finite set of precise terms to describe their pipeline and where each prospect fits into it.

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Jul 17 2017

The Secret Way Great Companies Get Their Salespeople to Use The CRM

Our work with scalable sales teams showed us that there was a proven road map to fanatical adoption. By reverse engineering what the most productive teams were doing differently, we found a plan that you can use to bridge the same gap at your company.

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Jul 6 2017

Capturing Paper Leads In Your CRM

What do you do with all of those forms you collected at that big trade show? What if you have walk-in traffic at your office that results in new leads every day? In this video, I am going to show you a trick and some technology to make it easier for your team to capture that information in your CRM.

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Nov 18 2016

Automatic Lead Integration With Your CRM

Leads, leads, leads... give me the leads! We all know new leads light up our salespeople, but if we are sloppy about how we deliver those leads, we might be leaking opportunity as they work outside of the CRM. In this video, Jeremy shares an inexpensive tool that will automatically place your leads in your CRM for your salespeople in real time.

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Oct 24 2016

The One Question You Should Ask In Every Sales Process

This week’s tip is a very low tech one—1997-low tech! But it is powerful.

There is a single question that is far and above the most powerful question to ask your prospect in the sales process. I am going to show you how to make sure every sales rep on your team asks it every time.

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Oct 14 2016

Create a Follow-Up Content Library to Make Your Sales Team Unstoppable

No matter what you sell, or who you sell to, there are three questions that a prospect must have answered before any sale is made. If you can answer these over the course of the sales process—and reaffirm them at every step—you’ll be money.

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Sep 27 2016

Why Your Salespeople Should Drop That To-Do List

We top performers are known to bite off more than we can chew. If you’re like me, your to-do list can feel like crab grass taking over your otherwise peaceful yard. No matter what you do, it multiples each week. It feels untamable. I want to share a tip I discovered that allowed me to nearly eliminate my to-do list and be dramatically more productive in my sales role.

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Sep 21 2016

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