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Monthly Archives: April 2011

  • April 18 2011

    Local Online Search (Part II): Tips to Optimize Your Business Profiles

    In part I of Local Online Search, we outlined steps to get started checking the status of your local listings, what info you should have on hand to correct and beef them up and how to navigate what can often be a frustrating process. In this post, we’ll discuss tips for listing optimization as well as go into a little more depth about how local search works.

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  • April 18 2011

    Get to Know YouTube Advertising

    I know a fair amount or small business owners don’t consider YouTube a business tool because their interaction with the site has been limited to high school kids spoofing TV shows and double rainbows sightings. In reality, a large number of people use YouTube to learn things.

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  • April 16 2011

    It’s Spring, Time To Clean Up Your Web Presence.

    I invite you to take a thorough look at your business’s web presence this year when you get the spring cleaning bug. To help organize your efforts, we’ve put together a checklist of items to review and clean up this year.

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