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Turn Every Client Into Three Clients

The Juicy Results growth strategy simplified into one-phrase.

If you’ve read our company vision, otherwise known as our 2017 Painted Picture (created in the summer of 2014) you will see one phrase repeated several times, “Turn Every Client Into Three Clients.”

This is our one-phrase business growth strategy here at Juicy Results. I’ll explain more about what that means, but first I want to explain the concept and why your company should have one.

I learned about a one-phrase strategy, alternatively referred to as a strategy statement, from Verne Harnish and EO Accelerator Program. I then noticed the same idea in several Jim Collin’s articles about great companies.

What is a One-Phrase Strategy?

Let me use some examples of killer one-phrase strategies to explain. Southwest Airlines uses the simple phrase “Wheels Up!” as a guide for making all operational decisions to help them ensure they can turn their planes fast enough to get one or two more trips per day out of each plane. They are willing to sacrifice (or ignore) common airline standards like advanced reservation seating to maximize this strategy.

Another example is Rackspace, an IT service company that offers server colocation and website hosting. They like to say “it’s not about the servers, it’s about the support.” That was a major paradigm shift for most IT professionals when they launched the company in the late nineties and it helped them break into, and take a leading position in, what was thought to be a crowded industry that was quickly becoming commoditized.

So that’s the idea. A simple, but powerful phrase that everyone on the team can remember and use as a guide for all tactical and strategic decisions. This is a powerful tool in empowering your team as they make daily decisions in a fast pace environment.

Our Secret Strategy at Juicy Results

I can’t even remember how long I’ve been using the phrase “turn every client into three” or where I originally heard it (it’s been years!). But, I will tell you this, until now, I have not done a good enough job of using it to make daily decisions—no less hammer it into the mind of every Juicer. But, that changed when I set down to design the future of this little, rapidly growing company.

In addition to the obvious morale boost that would accompany such a feat (think daily referrals, client retention and recognition for our work), can you imagine what turning every client into three would do for our business growth?

I get the visual of a wildfire spreading uphill through a parched forest on a hot summer day.

But, like most things in life, our phrase is easy to say but much harder to do. I won’t share every initiative we have under way to make that happen (we’ve got to keep some of this hard work proprietary), but I can tell you that it will start with focus and visibility.

And that’s where you come in. Yes, you. Whether you are a client, friend, team member, prospect or fan of Juicy Results, we want you to know about our goal of turning every client into three.

Help us start a fire!I understand that internally, there is a ton we have to focus on, script, refine and deliver to earn referrals from our clients in spades. And believe me, that has become a daily focus here at the Juicyplex. But, we also need an extreme visibility of this goal and an army of raving fans helping us spread the word to pull it off.

So I am completely ignoring Verne’s recommendation to keep your one-phrase strategy a secret from competitors. Because our strategy only works if you and everyone else knows about it. Besides, just as watching Tiger Woods play a couple of rounds of golf won’t make you a world class golfer, understanding our strategy isn’t going to infect our competition with the same laser-like focus and dedication we’re investing into the plan.

I am personally asking you to help us reach this goal by providing feedback to us on our marketing, our sales process, your customer experience and how our product offering meets your needs. Completing the feedback loop of our efforts will speed up the process of ensuring our products and service level trump the market.

Our little Internet marketing agency has grown tremendously over the years, yet the percentage of new business that comes from referrals stays relatively the same (over half). At first, I couldn’t understand how this remained so constant as our marketing scaled in reach and sophistication. But now I get it. This is not a deficiency in our marketing, but a testament to the relationships we’re building with our clients. I’ve got a renewed commitment to referrals and strengthening those relationships with our perfect clients.

Thanks in advance!

Jeremy Pound
Written By Jeremy Pound

September 3 2014 in Blog, Company Vision, Strategic Advice

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