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Advertising to Custom Audiences with Facebook

I’ve got a tip today that’s going to take your Facebook advertising to the next level. There’s a feature within the Facebook advertising platform called custom audiences and you can create a custom audience in a number of ways. Today we’re specifically going to talk about uploading a list of people that you’ve already done business with or have some kind of relationship with. You can create a new custom audience within the Facebook advertising platform and when you upload the users it will actually link the user to their Facebook account by either email address or a phone number. If you have a phone number or email address for your customers you’ll actually find them as a Facebook user. What you’re able to do is actually schedule a specific advertisement for those people to see even if they don’t follow you on Facebook they will actually see your ad as they use Facebook. Think about the ways to use this, there’s actually some really clever ways to do this.

Imagine that you have a sales office. You’re in real estate, people come in, they give you their information, and then they leave. On a weekly or monthly basis you could actually upload those email addresses and then re-target those users with some kind of message to bring them back, to hopefully do business with you. They already established a relationship with you, they know who you are, and now you’re able to re-target that person everyday as they use Facebook. Maybe you have an email list and you would give a discount to people who signed up to that email list and maybe you’re running a specific sale, you could actually upload those people and then run an ad that reminds those people that they get 20% off or free shipping because they belong to your email newsletter list.

This is going to be much more effective than just a blanket advertising to people who have no idea who you are because they’ve already proven that they have some kind of interest in your product or service so I believe it’s going to be much more effective when they see your ad. The feature is called custom audiences, you can do some really cool stuff with it, I hope I gave you a couple examples that inspire some of your own marketing ideas so you can go play with it on your Facebook page.

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Jeremy Pound
Written By Jeremy Pound

August 5 2015 in Blog, Sales Technology (#salestech), Social Media

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