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Caryn Kopp on Using the Right Sales Language – NCM 011


The latest New Customer Machine podcast features Jeremy and Caryn Kopp getting deep into using the right language to perfect your sales messaging and propel your company into the right meetings with the right people. In the sales process, the company with the best message will always come out on top. You could have the best product or service, but if your message can’t compete, neither can you. Caryn’s door opener service (Kopp Consulting) excels at helping business owners and sales people secure their initial meetings with high level decision makers from GE to Verizon to Target and more. Jeremy and Caryn talk at length about:

  • How having a sophisticated marketing message may actually be hindering your sales teams’ progress.
  • Distinguishing the difference between marketing messaging and the language your sales people are using.
  • Getting down to and analyzing the specific words you use in your message.
  • The kinds of questions that keep prospects on the phone.
  • The kinds of people to hire who make the best sales people.
  • Why companies struggle to develop their sales messaging.

This conversation will change the way you think about what exactly your sales people are saying and whether it’s helping or hurting your efforts. Make sure to check out the launch event for Caryn’s latest book, co-authored with Carl Gould and titled Biz Dev Done Right designed to help business owners and their sales people understand the blind spots in the sales process and learn critical strategies for getting Business Development right. Special launch event bonuses available here:

For more great insights on the business development process, check out Caryn’s website at

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March 14 2016 in Blog, New Customer Machine Podcast

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