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Govindh Jayaraman on Focusing Your Marketing – NCM 010

Jeremy chats with Govindh Jayaraman, a successful portfolio entrepreneur and co-author of Paper Napkin Wisdom. In this episode, Jeremy and Govindh discuss the idea of focusing your marketing on a niche in business and how business owners need to be selling a corkscrew as opposed to a swiss army knife.

In this podcast, you’ll hear them discuss:

  • How writing Paper Napkin Wisdom changed Govindh’s life and how he now lives a life by design.
  • How to focus your market and the challenges of discipline.
  • Utilizing advice about growing your business that comes from other people.
  • How Govindh owns and leads, but does not run, four independent and successful companies.
  • Numerous analogies, strategies and brilliant metaphors that explain business focus.

Govindh explains how niche marketing can change and improve the customer service experience and company culture. Stick around until the end of the conversation for the tree exercise to help you uncover where you should be focusing your own marketing efforts.

Govindh has been called “A Modern Day Napoleon Hill” for his work in creating Paper Napkin Wisdom. Not surprisingly, his goals are lofty: show people everywhere how they can be successful, and change the world in the process. For more information go to and Govindh’s own podcast, Paper Napkin Wisdom.

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March 10 2016 in Blog, New Customer Machine Podcast

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