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Michael Mills on Systematizing Your Sales Process – NCM 009

In this episode of New Customer Machine, Jeremy sits down with Michael Mills for a conversation focused on systematizing and scaling the sales process, a concept to which Michael is no stranger. Jeremy and Michael take this tricky concept head on, knowing that most business struggle to scale and delegate the sales function. There are ways that everyone can do it successfully and Jeremy and Michael delve deep in how it’s possible. It’s a can’t miss episode, especially because of the two amazing resources Jeremy and Michael offer you completely free. Listen to this episode to learn about:

  • The difference between heads up and heads down employees why you need both
  • A trick to get your team to follow your processes
  • Hiring the right kinds of people
  • How any company can break down their sales and marketing functions that are easily teachable
  • Why every company should have complete accountability

As a Certified E-Myth Consultant for more than 15 years, Michael’s team has worked with hundreds of business owners, helping them create and implement business procedures in their organizations.

Michael is one of the Managing Directors of Business Design Corporation, a business development company for small and mid size businesses. Business Design Corporation develops and implements technology, specifically The TouchStone Business System, that transforms businesses into more scalable and more satisfying enterprises with 100% more value – more freedom, more balance, more profit and more satisfaction.

Here is the ebook mentioned and offered (for free) in the podcast—How to Systemize Your Business:…uicyresults/

Business Design Corporation’s technologies are used in entrepreneurial organizations throughout North America as well as in most English speaking countries around the globe; from the U.K. to South Africa to Australia & New Zealand. Learn more at:

You are encouraged to download the eBook Jeremy mentions at the end of the podcast:

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February 19 2016 in Blog, New Customer Machine Podcast

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