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Rocco Baldassarre on Taking Advantage of Facebook Advertising Tools – NCM 008

In this informative and international episode of New Customer Machine, Jeremy chats with Rocco Baldassarre who is an expert in Internet advertising. Specifically, Jeremy and Rocco discuss how to take advantage of Facebook advertising tools, which most business owners tend to overlook despite it’s enormous potential for helping to generating sales.

In this podcast, Rocco and Jeremy touch on:

  • New ideas about how to market and advertise with Facebook that anyone can do, no matter how much experience you have.
  • How Rocco took a client’s ad and increased its engagement from two clicks to over two hundred clicks with one change.
  • The major problem Rocco sees people make when boosting and the importance of device specification.
  • The right way to A/B test when marketing online.
  • The number of ways to use the Facebook advertising tools in ways you may have never considered.

Jeremy guarantees that no matter how much experience you have with Facebook ad tools, you’ll learn something new from Rocco in this podcast. Let him know what you learned via twitter! @jeremypound

Rocco Baldassarre is a digital marketing consultant and entrepreneur, best known as founder of the award winning  digital marketing agency, Zebra Advertisement. At 24 years old, he is the youngest Google Partners All-Stars Winner. A client of Rocco’s is currently up for a Facebook Award for innovative marketing based on the work Rocco’s firm has done with the company, which makes him the perfect guest to come on the podcast to talk about Facebook advertising tools.

Among many other business, he is the founder of  1DollarAd and International PPC. Microsoft awarded him the Most Valuable Professional Award for his work with Bing Ads and he has been featured not only by The Huffington Post but also the The New York Times and Upwork’s Annual Impact Report.

You can check out his course on Udemy: Step by Step Facebook Campaign Creation Method For Success

Find more about Rocco on his website.

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February 11 2016 in Blog, New Customer Machine Podcast

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