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  • April 8 2013

    The Key to Successful Content on Facebook

    There are dozens of great blog posts out there that will tell you how to optimize your business Facebook page. However, there’s one little gem of a secret that most of these posts fail to mention….

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  • April 3 2013

    Foursquare – Check Out the Perks of Checking In

    When you’re a business looking to break into social media marketing, the first place you probably think of going is Facebook. It’s what everyone talks about, so it must be the holy grail of all that is known as social media marketing, right?

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  • June 27 2012

    Facebook Insights: Do you Like Your Results? (The Sequel)

    In our followup to to our first insightful post on Facebook Insights, we go even deeper into some of Facebook’s wonky metrics. But there is no analysis paralysis…we just give you what you need to know to get the most out of your Facebook marketing.

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  • May 31 2012

    Facebook Insights: Do You Like Your Results?

    We’ve taken what FB says about their numbers and boiled it down to what you REALLY need to know to see if your FB work is doing you any good. Because after all, that’s really what it’s all about.

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  • May 29 2012

    Are You a Social Media Loser?

    Social media is a lot like a new puppy: it is new and wonderful and perhaps even adorable at first, but it quickly turns into a burden that requires constant attention. But the pay off is so wonderful! Learn how to train yourself and your staff to stay in the game without becoming discouraged.

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  • April 25 2012

    Pimp Out Your Business Facebook Page!

    Since the mandatory change-over to Timeline that Facebook initiated on March 30, 2012, all pages have been converted to this bizarre new format that has stumped many and continues to prevent awesome content seeding from businesses. With the standard layout, standing out will be hard; follow some of our tips on how to pimp out your business’s Facebook page!

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  • December 13 2011

    Two Become One: Facebook Pages & Places Merge

    A Facebook page shows the world you exist and people like you, but place pages offer proof of life. Why not merge the two to combine the best of the ‘likes’ and the ‘check ins’ and add a kickback in the form of an online deal?

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  • December 1 2011

    Have You Considered Facebook Advertising?

    For companies who have a product that customers are seeking out, there is no better source of those customers than search engine traffic. If you’re looking for a cost effective way to generate demand for your business in a measurable way, I would suggest starting with Facebook advertising.

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  • September 21 2011

    Get Free Word of Mouth Advertising with Facebook Places

    As we’ve mentioned, we think your business should be paying attention to Facebook, because that is where your customers are spending their time. This is especially true if your business is a physical establishment where people shop, dine, receive services or just hang out.

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