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  • July 17 2015

    Avoid Losing Leads On Mobile Devices

    In this video I want to talk about a pet peeve of mine. It’s a mistake that you’re making with your website that’s probably costing you business. If you use your website to generate leads and I bet you a significant portion of the user is either on their phone or on a tablet. I bet you that your lead forms are set up the same way on a phone as they are on your desktop.

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  • July 15 2015

    User Profiling and Lead Scoring For Your Sales Team

    If you’re trying to generate leads with your website, then I’ve got 2 tools that you need to know about. The first is user profile. The second is lead scoring. The two work together. User profiling is software that connects with your CRM that actually tracks the individual behavior of any of your prospects.

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  • June 18 2015

    Rule #1 for Using Your CRM Effectively

    There is an extremely avoidable mistake pervasive in sales teams that is wiping out revenue. I am on a mission to spread the word. Find a meaningful way to follow up, and do it on time, every time, and you will add zeros to the right side of your sales revenue.

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  • June 4 2015

    B2B Website Checklist for Mobile Devices

    86% of executives use their tablet and 72% use their smartphone to conduct research for products or services for their business. Ignoring the mobile experience can cost you serious business! Consider this post your wakeup call to shore up your company website’s performance on mobile devices.

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  • April 6 2015

    The “Right” SEO Mindset

    Besides some additional training and experience, I would bet that the biggest difference between the most successful search marketers and everyone else is having the right SEO Mindset. The right SEO Mindset opens you up to constantly identify new search opportunities and quickly envision ways to take advantage of them.

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  • March 8 2015

    Five Search Marketing Insights You Should Know Today

    If your entire understanding of search marketing was defined years ago, you might want to re-evaluate your past approaches and assumptions. We’ve put together five search marketing insights that can shape your search strategy in 2015.

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  • February 6 2015

    Is SEO Still Necessary in 2015?

    SEO has changed, evolved, expanded—whatever term you prefer—to be so radically new that the industry insiders feel they need a new name for it. I sympathise with where they are coming from. SEO today is almost unrecognizable when compared to SEO just a few years ago.

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  • November 29 2014

    When Your Customers Are Ready to Buy… Will They Find You?

    As sales managers, marketers and business owners, we’re always chasing new leads—especially leads that are ready to buy. But, if you’re only showing up when a customer is ready to buy, you’re losing ground quickly to competitors.

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  • November 21 2014

    Using Marketing Automation With Social Media: Part II

    As I mentioned in part I of this article, social media can be a powerful tool in automating your marketing–a tool that I think it is underused by most companies. Now let’s dive into a couple of ways to acquire new leads via social media.

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  • November 10 2014

    Using Marketing Automation With Social Media

    When you think marketing automation, I bet you think email. And email campaigns are a great way to nurture leads at scale over time. But social media can also be a powerful tool in automating your marketing–a tool that I think it is underused by most companies.

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