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  • April 4 2013

    Scoring Goals for Small Business Owners: Discover SCORE

    Learn about SCORE, and if you’re in Palm Beach County and have (or want to start) a small business REGISTER for SCORE’s April 20th Business Conference, when Google’s Joe DeMike comes to speak.

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  • January 20 2012

    Why Should Customers Pick YOU?

    Because there are so many businesses, your online listings must stand out to catch the attention of your potential customers. Learn how to lure them in, just like with an online dating profile, and get them to choose YOU over hundreds of other businesses based on your listings alone.

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  • September 22 2011

    Local SEO: Beyond the Rankings and on to the Sale

    Ranking number one on the local search results is not enough to get you the customer. If you provide a link to a website in your local listing, it had better help (rather than hurt) your ability to close the deal.

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  • May 15 2011

    Think About Your Business’ Website Like an SEO Expert

    Whether you’re preparing to create a new site or overhaul an existing one, it’s important to not start at the graphic design phase. Yes, you heard me. Graphic design is not the first step to creating a successful website. Information design is.

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  • April 18 2011

    Local Online Search (Part II): Tips to Optimize Your Business Profiles

    In part I of Local Online Search, we outlined steps to get started checking the status of your local listings, what info you should have on hand to correct and beef them up and how to navigate what can often be a frustrating process. In this post, we’ll discuss tips for listing optimization as well as go into a little more depth about how local search works.

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  • March 12 2011

    The Phone Book is Dead. Long Live Local Online Search. (Part 1)

    When was the last time you opened a phone book to find a business? Well that’s one more time than your prospective customers did. Local online search is more important than ever. Learn how to get started the right way.

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