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  • June 26 2012

    Take Back Your Independence With WordPress

    Don’t let your website be controlled by someone else; handle it yourself with all of the free features a WordPress theme has to offer! There are plugins and widgets and apps–oh my! Keep your website as such: YOUR website.

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  • May 16 2012

    Understand Friction And You Can Create Effective Internet Marketing Campaigns

    In physics, friction is the resistance that will slow a moving object down. Similarly in sales, friction is anything that will slow down or stop a potential customer in the sales process—the process that you design.

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  • May 8 2012

    The Number One Reason Your Small Business Will Not Grow

    There are three things you absolutely need to attract more customers to your business. Unfortunately, there are so many businesses that miss the mark on one or more of them. Use our questionnaire to test your business!

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  • January 23 2012

    Internet Marketing Predictions for 2012 (and Why You Should Care)

    A handful of 2012 Internet marketing predictions from industry leaders with our Juicy take on what they mean to small businesses.

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  • September 22 2011

    Local SEO: Beyond the Rankings and on to the Sale

    Ranking number one on the local search results is not enough to get you the customer. If you provide a link to a website in your local listing, it had better help (rather than hurt) your ability to close the deal.

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  • September 21 2011

    Get Free Word of Mouth Advertising with Facebook Places

    As we’ve mentioned, we think your business should be paying attention to Facebook, because that is where your customers are spending their time. This is especially true if your business is a physical establishment where people shop, dine, receive services or just hang out.

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  • July 27 2011

    Social Media Monitoring with SocialMention

    You’re out there tweeting, posting status updates on Facebook, Digging, Diigoing, Stumbling and posting content on YouTube. But do you know how well you are doing with all of these social media tactics? Are you monitoring the effects of your social media outreach?

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  • April 18 2011

    Local Online Search (Part II): Tips to Optimize Your Business Profiles

    In part I of Local Online Search, we outlined steps to get started checking the status of your local listings, what info you should have on hand to correct and beef them up and how to navigate what can often be a frustrating process. In this post, we’ll discuss tips for listing optimization as well as go into a little more depth about how local search works.

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  • April 18 2011

    Get to Know YouTube Advertising

    I know a fair amount or small business owners don’t consider YouTube a business tool because their interaction with the site has been limited to high school kids spoofing TV shows and double rainbows sightings. In reality, a large number of people use YouTube to learn things.

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